find me jumping on *any* opportunity to visit the local plant nursery! my room is the evidence of this, which is honestly a WIN in my book because living in a greenhouse has always been a dream of mine  <3 #truestory



 uneven tan lines, bottomless boardwalk fries, catching the sunrise with mama shells, the whole nine yards really. a beach getaway does good for this heart.

my happy place


When you hire Hannah to take your photos she will most likely be sporting denim from head-to-toe (& loving it!) that is pretty much a guarantee

ALl denim everything


and honestly: Taco Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday too!...

Taco tuesday


"Go travel. Go fall in love with places. Realize the world is bigger than you. Meet people who live completely different lives than you. Stay out late. Eat things you can't pronounce. Travel"



Is that a thing? I've enjoyed fashion for as long as I can remember and I love creating outfits that showcase my own personal style. The idea of getting all dolled up sounds fun to me, but if we are getting REAL, I'm truly a distressed denim &  trusty tee, type of girl!  (don't even get me raving on my vintage t-shirt collection) 

Casual chic


2 of my favorite things when it comes to traveling? photographing new places and new people! I always make it a goal to book 1-2 sessions when I am away. I have met the sweetest souls while traveling and produced some of my most treasured portfolio work

  travel photos


while peers played with polly pockets I was found flipping through the latest issue of Southern Living. I love the concept of cultivating a space and making a room come to life through the right colors, textures, and patterns. You can find me day dreaming about my next new home project and DIY on the daily!



Summer sunshine always seems to fuel my creativity.  It feels like a new me comes a live in the open-toe shoe weather.  I'm a type A summer girl through and through!

 Sunshine, please!


 To me it has always been more than a snap of a shutter, It's about preserving moments that tell a greater story. I count it an honor to provide an experience where you can come as you are and feel completely confident in your own skin! I love making others feel beautiful. I've noticed that my best work stems from getting to know my clients personally so that I can tell and capture their story and laugh in a true authentic way. I photograph to share your legacy. Because a love worth fighting for is a moment worth saving.

the why

"why" I'm excited to go to work


let's hang!

encouraging heartfelt rambles, a peek into our latest adventure & all the behind-the-scenes goodness!