“We met in college but found out we actually went to pre-school together. We also went to the same church our senior year…our paths *should have* crossed a lot more before college but somehow they didn’t” hearing their story so intentionally woven together reminded me of a promise—that the lord establishes our steps & makes everything beautiful in its time. Getting to hear the way he‘s written on the pages of others lives continually fills my heart🖤

As I was getting to know Erin and Jacob initially over email they mentioned how they enjoy spending time in coffee shops (hello, my people!!) so naturally I had to introduce them to my favorite local spot in Downtown Leesburg where we were shooting. The afternoon of our session was absolutely stunning. One of those days where you’re like “how is this winter??”

Spending time with these was simply refreshing, I love how much light + joy you two radiate together and how that shines through in these images. The weather seemed so fitting, matching their gentle warmth and love.

Jacob & Erin >>

hehe they are so stinkin presh

smooshed face snuggles = the best

another sweet winter B&W stealing my heart <3 ahh

how about that ring!!!! Jacob did so well

heheh these might be my all-time fav







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