I'm Hannah, a storytelling, sunset chaser, neutral tones wear-er, down for any impromptu adventure, type of girl. This soul loves me some: Jesus, weekend trips to the farmer's markets, hitting a new coffee shop in town, and crossing off more spots on my travel bucket list!

Meet your sunshine girl


my goal is to create an atmosphere when you step in front of my camera that lends an invitation for you to show up as the truest version of yourself. that's who I'm looking to create alongside. not anybody else.

Your story is one of a kind and beautiful, thank you for inviting me in & letting me help tell it!

I'm far more interested in capturing who you are and knowing your heart than getting caught up in the details or posing you in a specific way. I've always been fascinated by personality types and what uniquely makes people come alive. I'm drawn to little imperfections that hold immense beauty. Like subtle wrinkles that kiss your face to highlight your expression, softly framing your smile, a well-loved pair of denim frayed on the edges, the way you dance carefree together like you're the only two souls on the planet...it's the simple things like these that give me butterflies in all the best ways.

Let's get real:

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 Joanna Gaines once commented on an instagram photo of mine and I lost all my chill forever


on a free afternoon you can find me on a treasure hunt at a local thrift shop. I love finding unique pieces & bringing a space to life through fun curated finds


I take my coffee iced all year long...yep, i'm the girl in the winter with a coldbrew & mittens


whenever I visit a new city or town I hit as many coffee spots as humanly possible (my happy place) so now I have this ever growing list of must-try's from across the states...long story short: if you need a coffee rec while you're on the road, I'm your girl!


I started this business my sophomore year in high school just shy of my sweet 16 and photographed my first wedding before attending one as a guest myself


Fun Facts: