find me jumping at *any* opportunity to visit the local plant nursery! my room is the evidence of this, which is honestly a WIN in my book because living in a greenhouse has always been a dream of mine  <3 #truestory

"crazy plant mom"


I’m Hannah, your girl who lives for the sunshine.  It always seems to wake me up, fuel my creativity, & spark something bright in my soul. I'm a type A summer girl through & through. I always feel like my best self in open-toe shoe temps...or better yet, barefoot in the sand! 

Sunshine girl


2 of my favorite things when it comes to traveling? photographing new places and people! I always make it a goal to book 1-2 sessions when I am away. I have met the sweetest souls while traveling and produced some of my most treasured portfolio work

where my work takes me


Maybe it's the barista that knows your name, order and heck: life story

Maybe it's the soul-enriching conversations shared in an intentional gathering space that leaves you feeling better than you came...
It's the #1 search in my google maps when traveling and a spot I find a huge source of my inspiration from!
...at this point? I think coffeeshop scouting is my side-hustle (lol) just ask me about my "list" ;)

coffeeshop hoppin'


 I’m a 20-something wild old soul. What I mean is: I’m the gal who’s up for a good spontaneous adventure and is known for booking trips on a whim, but I’m alsooo that grandma in the friend group who’s happy to leave girls night by 8 o’clock so she can get home to slip into her jammies👵🏻 LOL i know I can’t be the only one??


Old Soul


 A little part of me feels like its waking up whenever I check a new spot off my adventure bucket list.  Visiting places I’ve never been before + meeting new people  &  hearing their story's is one of my favorite things of all time. cliff notes version: I check for flight deals as often as my grandpa read the paper: daily

That on-a-whim



 I love creating & bringing a space to life. My dad builds and restores beautiful homes for a living so you could say its in my blood. I think its rad that we get to choose what the space around us gets to feel like and the light that we get to fill it with.. You can find me day dreaming about my next new project and DIY on the daily!




When you hire Hannah to take your photos she will most likely be sporting denim from head-to-toe (& loving it!) that is pretty much a guarantee!! The biggest form of flattery is when people tell me “you look so madewell” like um thank you, you can stay around forever.


All Denim


 for me it has always been more than a snap of a shutter, or just another fresh shot for the gram! It's about preserving moments that tell a greater story. I count it an honor to provide an experience where you can come as you are and feel completely confident in your own skin! photographer is my title, yeah. But my camera is really just the vessel to make others feel seen, loved, & empowered. I am obsessed with telling stories with meaning, stories that tug on the heart! ones that share a legacy of a loved one, or that leave you fired up & in your feels! Convinced this is the good stuff. 

why i'm passionate about my 9-5


let's hang!

encouraging heartfelt rambles, a peek into our latest adventure & all the behind-the-scenes goodness!