3 tips to finding your ideal Wedding Venue

Feb 25

Dear future Brides,

I wanted to share 3 simple tips for you to utilize while hunting for the perfect venue that will make you a happier bride and your Photographer LOVE you!!

As I’m sure you know – photography is ALL about lighting. In order to produce pretty pictures (or any pictures for that matter) we need a light source. With that being said, tip #1 is to think about what type of photos appeal to you? do you prefer beautiful natural light or are you more drawn to a rich flash look? (this is key when choosing your photographer, because you have to remember everyone has a different style)

Tip #2 when touring a venue is to take note – analyze the light sources around you – if you will be wanting shots getting ready indoors, are there windows? or is the main source artificial lighting? Remember that Windows are your BFF when shooting indoors – the bigger, the better. You want them to pour in as much natural light as possible to expose the room. This will help create a properly lit photo, instead of using artificial lights + having a yellow/orange tint on your skin because that is never a good look!!! ( think: A Self-tanner experience gone wrong)

And Last, but not least Tip #3! Deciding between a indoor or outdoor Ceremony location. First decide WHERE you picture yourself when walking down the Aisle?? What are the senses? How does it feel? What does it look like? Where does it take place?Then move on from there >> Describing your vision for the ceremony is the first step! If you are envisioning a indoor Ceremony follow the steps in tip #2 picking a venue with natural light sources – love on those WINDOWS! or if you have chosen a outdoor Ceremony (which is my personal fav!!!!!) then you ALREADY have a natural light source to work with – so there is less of a headache 😉 The main tip for outdoor weddings is to plan your ceremony in the later afternoon/ early evening to allow the prettiest light – shooting 2 hours before sunset during Golden Hour allows for that dreamy, soft glow that helps make your photos feel all whimsical and airy. An ideal lighting situation in my book!

Following these 3 tips will help guarantee a more satisfied bride + a photographer that will absolutely love you! Happy Thursday!!!


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