This Seasons Top Unique Wedding Trends

July 19, 2022

I’ve seen my fair share of unique wedding trends throughout the years. Trends come and go (typically for a reason — anyone remember the chevron + nautical era? byeee) but over this last season I’ve been noting a handful of new ideas that I have been lovinggg and are just “it”. I thought it would be fun to write a blog guide highlighting some timeless tried + trues special touches and new ones that I am liiiving for this wedding season for all my planning bride babes (and dudes😉) in the house. Let’s get into it, shall we?!

-Fav 2022 unique wedding trends coming atcha-


Voicemail over guestbook…

BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THIS AT A WEDDING BEFORE? This was my first time seeing these and I just can’t comprehend this *not blowing up!* It was so sweet seeing each guest pick up the phone and leave a personalized message to the bride and groom.😍 As much as I am a sucker for a sweet handwritten note (#timeless) there is something SO special about getting to hear your loved ones voice- HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT?! It’s kind of like reading a text over hearing the sound of your loved ones voice on the phone. I also appreciate that this cutie phone was pastel pink & such a vibe. 🌼


unique wedding trends voicemail guestbook pink phone


Custom denim for the Bride or Groom

A denim moment, we love to see it. ✨ I love seeing my brides customize their favorite denim jacket with their new last name & rock it out before the big day during bachelorette festivities and wear it all the way through your wedding reception. 🤍 A STAPLE piece in my opinion!

unique wedding exit couple kissing trendy jean jacket

personalized bridal jean jacket pearl details


Personalized Sign Details

I love a well designed wedding sign. 🙌🏻  Ryan & Jen had their destination wedding in Paradise Valley, AZ but are from Virginia and I loved the way they incorporated that into their decor.

wedding table chart personalized personalized wedding centerpiece sign pink and green

Throw Blankets wedding favors

In 10 years of photographing weddings I have never seen this done. Hats off to Scott & Ginny who gifted custom throw blankets to each of their guest for their Mendocino Coast wedding. I am ALL for a wedding favor that is practical! These throws came in handy during the windy ceremony as the temperature is starting to drop, which made for the cutest cozy guest shots below!

guest wedding favor personalized throw blankets wedding guests personalized throw blankets unique wedding trendswedding guest smiling blanket throw favor

Cocktails that look like art🌼

~Almost~ too pretty to drink. Cocktails that are on another level good AND pretty?! We are here for it. 💁‍♀️

bride customized cocktail edible flowers

unique wedding cocktail pink aesthetic champagne

Plant Pots as seating charts

I know my fellow plants lovers out here are taking note.👌🏻 I loved this idea for a seating chart at Jordyn & Chad’s beautiful backyard wedding. You can check out more of their stunning day featured on Modern Weddings blog here.

plant pot wedding seating chart unique wedding trends plant pot wedding seating chart unique wedding trends


His & Her Vow books

I love when my couples vows are written down and read from during their ceremony from their vow books- such a special touch to have and to hold on your wedding day.

bride and groom vow books wedding trends bride getting ready writing vows


Coffee bar cart

For morning weddings how perfect is this?! The guests grabbed a custom latte from the bar to sip on during the ceremony and I personally can’t imagine anything better. 🥰

unique wedding trends coffee bar brunch wedding unique wedding trends coffee bar personalized coffee drinksunique wedding trends coffee bar bride and groom kissing


Show-stopper floral moments

This feels like a mic drop moment. I don’t really feel like I need to add anything to these photos to convince you “why” we are loving a floral reception moment like this ✨🌿 What dreams are made of.

wedding reception floral display pinks peaches greens decorwedding reception floral centerpiece pinks peaches greens decor

Cake < Donut Cakes

I’ve never been a huge cake lover myself so skipping on the this tradition doesn’t bother me in the least. There are so many delicious options out there and I think it’s most important that you are picking a treat that you actually enjoy! Besides, it is YOUR wedding. 😉 Don’t be afraid to personalize your dessert spread and have fun with it! Some of my top fav have been: Churro bars, Ice Cream Trucks, Milk & Cookie Bars or a Donut Tower like this!

unique wedding dessert donut tower



xoxo, Hannah





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  1. Makenna says:

    BRB, adjusting everything I’ve planned to make sure all of these are incorporated! Your pictures are so beautiful, I cannot wait to see how you capture our day!!!!!

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