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April 18, 2022

Moving to a new town kind of feels like a treasure hunt, getting to find all the hidden gems and discovering the spots you’ll soon become a regular at [looking at you Sur Coffee]. Living in a small beach town like San Clemente feels unreal to me most days. I honestly think it’s one of the most magical places on earth. Charming, fun, unhurried (🙌🏻😭 hello surf culture, I love you) No one seems to be in a rush, like ever and I love that. Being here has been so good for my body, mind and soul.

I honestly can’t think of a better place to have moved to not knowing anyone because I’ve been met with such a beautiful community of people. This place is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced – I just keep telling my friends + fam back home “it’s hard to explain, you’ve just got to experience it for yourself!!”  🤍

*alright, done gushing for now* or not.


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I thought it might be fun to share my list of favorite San Clemente spots for anyone else who may be new to living in town like me, or maybe you’re planning a visit soon, this one’s for you friend! 🌼


Hannah’s Sunshine List:


San Clemente Pier – Whether you’re going for a beach walk, grabbing a bite at the Fisherman’s Restaurant 👌🏻, enjoying a surf or simply soaking up some sunshine, this is a great landing spot.

Renting E-bikes and riding the PCH – I did this with my friends Tess & Sarah for the first time a few weeks ago and we had THE BEST TIME. We rented bikes in Dana Point and road them to the San Clemente, grabbed lattes from Bear Coast Coffee, chilled on the beach and then road back one Sunday Afternoon and it was truly so much fun!! Pretty sure we were all sold on getting our own bikes this summer. 😍💃

Beach Trail Walks – If you know me you know I love my daily walks and nothing really compares to feeling that ocean breeze while enjoying a morning or evening walk. I joined a Girl’s walk club when I moved here that meets every Wednesday morning and it’s been such fun way to build community with some sweet gals.

Ridgeline Trail  – With this trail being so close to where I live, I have taken FULL advantage of it loving going for evening walks here. It has *such* an incredible view, isn’t a difficult hike, is great for mountain biking (from what i’ve seen haha) Pro tip: time your walk to catch the sunset and you won’t regret it. One of the best views to see it in San Clemente, outside of being down by the beach of course!

Muse Sushi Bar – Okay, you guys…I am obsessed. OBSESSED. Like I may have a problem. Ask my sister Rebekah, I was an “occasional sushi eater” and would enjoy it from time to time back home but living in San Clemente has changed me. I pretty much crave it at all hours and have to practice self-control to not eat it daily. Since moving here I’ve gone on what I’m coining as a “sushi tour” and have tried pretty much all of the local spots and Muse is #1 in my heart. An absolute must try if you’re in the mood for quality sushi off Del Mar!

Active Culture – Hands down my favorite lunch spot 😋 If you’re looking for a fresh healthy girl option that still tastes soOoo GOOD, this is your spot sis! From bowls to sandwiches to smoothies etc. there are so many great options here but my ride or die is the wholesome bowl…can you say  *chefs kiss*  pro tip: it’s not noted on the menu but you can order a half size for their bowls if you aren’t wanting a big meal and it’s 👌🏻

Jane – Alright, I actually haven’t been to this cocktail bar *yet* but I’m adding it to the list because it’s up there on my “must-try” spots and from all of the positive reviews I’ve been hearing from friends + instagram I don’t think it will disappoint! The perfect little date night spot ✨

La Casa Verde de Granada – If you’re looking for a thrift/ antique moment, this charming spot won’t disappoint! I’ve taken friends several times and its quickly become the type of shop you make any excuse to pop into while you’re in town 😉

Melrose in the OC – Right off of Del Mar, this boutique is a neutral lovers DREAM ✨ Pretty convinced you can’t leave without finding something.

The Hydration Room SC – Back in Virginia I would do IV therapy pretty frequently so finding a spot I loved here was super important to me. I found the hydration room one of the first weeks in town and I had such a positive experience.  It’s a short little drive from where I live, in the heart of downtown San Clemente, and it’s the most refreshing space. I was greeted with such genuine care by the sweetest nurses and the IV drip I did that day was so helpful with allergy symptoms I was trying to shake earlier this spring. Their space is also so light & airy (which you know I love), leaving you feeling so calm + refreshed.


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If you wanna tuck this list away for your next visit, save it for later by clicking on the Pinterest logo on any photo above!📍❤️


Xoxo, Hannah







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San Clemente living: 10 spots i'm loving

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