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Jan 9


You’ve booked your session, picked a date, and now it is time to plan your outfit! It’s exciting, it really is. But sometimes, if you let it, outfit picking can leave you feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. I realize that not EVERYONE is a layout-your-outfit-the-night-before type of gal like yours truly. I wish I could tell you this phase ended shortly after elementary school, but alas, I still get giddy over piecing outfits together that align with my style. If working at a Hair Salon didn’t workout, I had always wanted to be a personal stylist. Pause! can you imagine trusting me with your hair..or scissors even for that matter? My only hair experience included that awful middle school makeshift bang trim #Lordhavemercy but that’s a story for another time. It’s funny how “Professional Photographer” never made the cut. Thank goodness our idea of a “Dream Job” can change with time. Now that I’ve leaked all my childhood dreams to you…let’s get back to addressing the topic at hand, “What on earth should I wear?”

When choosing your outfit keep these 5 tips in mind:

  1. Coordinate, don’t match. Say good-bye to the early 2000’s blue jeans, white shirt duo..seriously, WHO thought that was a good idea???  Instead of matching your outfits identically, try pairing colors that compliment each other!
  2. Neutral colors are the secret sauce to creamy portraits
  3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Throw on that timeless leather band watch, some fun statement earrings, an urban straw hat, your trusty old denim (or leather) jacket …this is the perfect way to personalize your portrait style & details can go a looong way, friend!
  4. If you are planning on wearing a pattern print, take plaid shirts for example: try and stick with the BIG bold pattern, it photographs better than the tiny checkered look
  5. The most important thing is to be COMFORTABLE in whatever you are wearing – don’t feel like you need to blend in- this is a fun time to show off your style, be different. Once you feel comfy + confident in your clothing then you will feel more natural in front of the camera!


For more Questions on “How” to prep for your session, shoot me an email through the contact page – I would loveee to hear from you, friend!



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