I love these two. Can I just start and end with that? no, because they deserve a darn good warm welcome + intro to the blog. I wanna start by sharing a piece of their love story that Sara first shared in her initial email to me, because who isn’t a sucker for a good ol’ proposal story?!

“Clay proposed to me on September 21st on a beautiful walk we took to Bear’s Den Overlook with our puppy, Lucy! We had been wanting to go to Dirt Farm Brewing for a while, and he told me he “found this quick little scenic walk nearby” that he wanted to stop at on the way to Dirt Farm…little did I know what was about to happen! I had no idea and was SHOCKED and he even had Kaila secretly photograph the whole thing!” <– I love this part because Kaila is one of my dearest friends + the one who connected us all together at her birthday party a few years back. Kind of full circle!!

The afternoon of our session

It began to POUR. With thunder that sounded like gunfire, and skies as dark as night it wasn’t looking promising.  We knew if we chose to reschedule and the sun DID come out we would be kicking ourselves with regret, so mid-monsoon we texted back & forth and decided to GO FOR IT and put all our money the sun coming out. WELL IT DID & the rain brought the almost 100 degree temps down to a light sunny and 75 spring feel. Oh, and the sun? like nothing i’ve ever seen before. Wow was it something special and the best part? Sara and Clay have such a “make the most of any situation” perspective on life + their lighthearted & contagiously fun nature just filled my heart to the brim. already excited to have them in front of my lens again next year for their elopement 🤩 [also] I feel like an honorary shoutout for my #teamsunshine squad is due because wow y’all did not disappoint!!!!


fall for Sara & Clay

GAH the most contagious smiles paired with their kind laughs…could brighten anyones day!!

loooove. <— but let’s be honest I’m about to say that to every one

sara showing off her Grass whistling skills…could never master this growing up so was honestly v impressed

this was a random outtake tossing the hat to the side for a portrait but ended up sort of loving it so I decided it must stay 😉


excuse me…y’all are the cutest!!!

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