Let’s chat underrated shooting locations shall weeee? I’ve realized there are a number of locations that we just don’t talk about and they quickly slide under the radar that I want to shine light on. I know a fraction of my client’s have a specific spot in mind for their session (which I love!!) but most of them are coming to me for recommendations. Which is totally great too — I am always happy to share my list of most popular spots I’ve shot at, but I think some of the places I share not a lot of people would naturally think of.  So Today I thought I would break-down 5 ideas for shooting locations that have been fail-proof for me and my clients in hopes of sparking inspiration for your next session!! Let’s dive in!


1. Parking Garages


I feel like garages are the holy grail of underrated. The light you can find here is pretty much always a hit! Not to mention a great alternative or back-up plan for rainy days. Heck, sunny days too! & during the hours of the day that would usually be too harsh to shoot in!! I’m a total sucker for a good garage session 🤘

2. Plant Nurseries


YES YES YES.  again, any weather, any time, the lighting inside of greenhouses are a total dreamboat. And sure, I have a *slight* obsession with plants but C’MON now can you even stand how cute a session with a bunch of plant babies surrounding your subject is!?


3. Your Client’s house!


Oh you guys!!! this is an option that many people don’t even consider, but can turn out to be the perfect spot for your clients when it represents their style so well and makes it so much more personal to them which I love also. in-home-sessions for the win!  *note: one thing I do check on is the window and natural light that the house has for shooting in. Most times this means that I am shooting in a specific area of their home with light walls or bright windows, which a lot of times is the master bed room (like Katie’s gorgeous space pictured here)

…ok, haddd to share mine too! but you know I am stinkin’ in love with this space so I couldn’t help myself <3


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