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Dec 19

You know what use to terrify me most? public speaking 🗣

my entire life I dreaded being in the spotlight and struggled with feeling flustered and less than in large groups. (this is the story of an introvert👋)

If you would have told me a few years back that teaching was on my horizon, there is no way I would have believed ya!

It is such a testimony to the way God works, using our weaknesses to highlight his strength. It has all been in his timing and I find that so meaningful. I never would have dreamed this for myself at any other point in my life; but I’m not who I use to be.

// he had to rid me of some fears I had been tightly gripping onto for too long. I needed to surrender more of myself for more of him and that exchange would change everything//

I think the REAL change started when I shifted my thinking from myself being paranoid of public speaking to: inspiring growth in others. When I realized that it wasn’t about me—> I could lead with confidence knowing I have the opportunity to invite others into a space where they can have permission to grow, and experience the love of the father.

My greatest joy is empowering people with who they are <3

2018 has brought a lot of self evaluation…I’ve tried some things I had never tried before, took a few leaps outside of my comfort zone and ultimately gave myself permission to dream.

In one way that looked like getting to pour into 13 girls and their businesses through #ThePhotoBootcamp & mentoring sessions! My heart has known no greater joy than getting to encourage fellow photographers + creative small business owners and cultivate a community for growth. One of my favorite things is getting to witness someone falling in love with the work they’re producing. It is such a special feeling to experience others leave you more confident than they came. 

Spending time with Kelly last Saturday was such a blast! She just finished up at Virginia Tech and is so excited to pour into her business to better serve her clients! I loved getting to help her strategize next steps and set some goals with her for this new year!  I am so excited to see where this journey takes you, Kelly!!!

for more info on the mentoring experience head–> here

Kelly you are sunshine!!!  

Kelly had a “shoot with me” session which means that the second half of our time together, kelly got to see how I INTERACT WITH CLIENTS, INSTRUCT POSING, AND PRODUCE TRUE GENUINE PHOTOS. Amanda & CJ modeled for our shoot and we had so much fun giggling with them in the rain


how  are they this cute?! I don’t get it.  

Amanda in her best oliver twist accent “please sir, can you warm my hands”

wait for it…


The moment you realize a village of people are staring at you…

favorite favorite favorite

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