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I wanted to take a second to share my heart with you. When we began the rebrand process I knew a few things to be true. One being that this job has connected me with some of the greatest people I know and I don’t take that lightly. It has been a true honor and privilege serving couples, seniors and fellow photographers from all around. God has been so good! Before the design process could take off we decided we really needed to nail down some of the hard questions, like “what does this brand value at its core?” and that daunting follow up “why?”

As we dug deeper and laid it all out on the table, here’s what we discovered:

I want a space that authentically encourages others to be themselves. A place for dream chasing, building community and living loved.

I belive in being transparent + sharing the real-life-not-so-pretty (not just what’s insta worthy!), because we are all human and if I can encourage those around me by simply sharing the messy ole me, then I want there to be a place for that here!

We wanted the overall aesthetic of the site to be vibrant, playful and genuine. With each page feeling like a new adventure.

Now that we’ve talked about some of the heart behind it, let me share with you some of my FAVORITE parts of this new brand!!!!:

This is a hard one for me. It feels like asking a mom to pick their favorite child.  When obviously they are going to answer “I love them all the same.” As funny as it is, I do equally love each page (or room as I’ve been putting it) here in my new online home, however, here are some elements that I am MOST excited about!!

  • The experience pages – I knew from the start that I wanted to provide a unique experience for clients and friends. For seniors and couples and photographers. There are fun features embedded throughout the rooms where you can discover what an #HSPcouple or senior really is and if you are one of them! The experience page also includes: portfolio galleries to view, rates, kind words & more!
  • Next up is my IG feed – I absolutely LOVE having my Instagram top 5 shared with my lasted projects & adventures! so fun!!
  • A fresh blog that matches my website! This one really is exciting because my past blog was technically a “blog site” so it was all in one and sort of chaotic!
  • Last but never least, the education site! This room was handcrafted to propel you forward as a photographer, encourage you to fearlessly chase after your dreams and offer so many education opportunities. With the brand new Mentoring Experience and newsletter launch, you can have access to all sorts education + freebies

YAY! now it’s time for you to check it all out for yourself then let me know what is YOUR favorite!



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