Hey now hey now TODAY is launch day, sweet friends! It is finally here and boy am I excited to share it with you!!!!!

Introducing the new Hannah Smith brand, website, blog and educational site!!! I feel like Lizzie McGuire when she became an Italian pop star back in 2003. I’ve been dancing around the house and “Hey Now”-ing alllll over the place..sort of wish I was kidding.


I remember listening to Bonnie Bakhtiari of B is for Bonnie Designs speak at the Creative at Heart Conference last spring, in Annapolis. She gave an incredible talk which inspired me to dig deeper into the core of my brand story. It’s funny how our paths crossed and then reconnected just months later. Bonnie lives in Waco Texas, so it’s fair to say she is the Joanna Gaines of brand design. I purchased the fabulous Paloma template from the Tonic Site Shop (which y’all NEED to check out because its amazing) back in November and reached out to the Rising Tide Society Facebook group to see if anyone could recommend a designer to help with “a few light customizations” as I put it. What I didn’t know then was, these light customized? would soon turn into a total rebranding experience, using my Tonic template as the foundation of the site. Bonnie reached out to me on that fb post and there was no turning back! She quickly won me over.  Probably her genuine sweetness and professionalism or very loving nature.. either way, Bonnie has a knack for loving others + authentically telling their story.

Over the last few months we’ve been working long and hard, pouring so much heart and detail into our approach, and enhancing the overall experience of my brand for my sweet clients. We have got so many little fun features and surprises your way, so I hope you take the time to look around!! I can’t tell ya just how excited I am that you are here!

I am so grateful for those who have shown so much love and support of the years, encouraging me to chase after this dream of mine. I mean it when I say, I really couldn’t do it without ya! Thank you from the bottom of heart for being apart of my journey, you are absolutely the best.

So tell me, what is your favorite feature? What room stands out the most over here in my new online home? I am dying to know!!





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