I’m constantly amazed by people who hold so much light, who burst with joy, who release an energy to everyone within their reach. the ones who you feel a magnetic pull towards that you can’t seem to describe but all you know is you feel a little more alive and energized when they’re by your side.

Creating work with souls who are present to the current moment and make pretty much anything feel like a joy (I don’t pick favorites but these areeee my favorite kinds of people😉) is purely life giving.

When I met Jack & Jess in Georgetown they were instant kindred souls so down for a good time and I’m realizing now more then ever that these are the exchanges that invest in further creativity. that produce greater joy. and there’s something SO powerful about simply living awake to the moments before you and sharing that light with those you encounter along the way. it’s like a domino rippling effect that so effortlessly holds space for others to simply be. I always learn best by watching others who love the most🖤

Meet Jack & Jess!

can we talk about these fall colors for a second?!?! dreamingggg

something so timeless about these B&W’s


my heart is full by their joy !!!!!!


Xoxo,  Hannah



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