Point of Rocks, Maryland Summer Engagement

🤫Can I let you in on a little secret about photographers?…we are just as nervous in front of the cameras as you are!

For real. You’d think the ones who pose others professionally have got to have it down, but that’s not usuallyyyy the case. I mean maybe that’s your story! but it certainly is not mine😂

I’ve known Kayleigh for a while now. she’s shot wedding days with me for a few different seasons. She is a kindred soul and has this calm and cool presence that shines something bright. Hunter proposed to Kayleigh this past week and we had the most “summer fun” themed engagement shoot that I could ever dream of (!) like the kind where my Hannah excited squeal reaches a record high🙊 (a real cute soundtrack as you can imagine)

“I get it now”, Kayleigh shared, referencing how her couples must feel in front of her camera at a session. The thing is: when the lens is on you, it doesn’t matter if you know every pose or flattering angle in the book, you WANT someone else guiding you w/ instruction and cheerleading you on a long the way! That’s your photographers job! I always tell my couples 3 things before we start shooting:

☝🏻it’s normal to need 5-10min to warm up in front of the camera! Also let me hit you with the truth: no one is ever as awkward in front of the camera as they think they are. You’re gonna kill it!

✌🏻don’t feel like you need to know what to do, I’ll walk you through it every step of the way!

🤟🏻 there are going to be prompts I’ll give you that might feel silly, but trust the process! I promise the end result always ends up being a lot cuter then you may feel in the moment 😉

👉🏻So how do you prepare for your session? Show up excited to have A GOOD TIME & your girl will take it from there 💁‍♀️


Enjoy a sweet peek into Kayleigh and Hunters summer fun engagement session and prepare to full on MELT, because wow😍





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