This shoot is so precious to me because they are so precious to me.

Abs and my sister have been best friends for years and she has been such a source of sunshine in our lives.  From high school adventures, with so many laugh-cry moments (this girl is freaking hilarious and I am always in tears whenever she is telling a story) or stealing her for our family vacations…she’s really more like an honorary Smith sister to us.

When Josh entered the scene we were so excited to meet him and obviously make sure he was the real deal  😉

Little did we know it would only take seconds of being around them together to see how well Josh compliments Abs. I didn’t know it was humanly possible, but that joy & infectious laughter found in Abby is just as present in Josh and honestly it’s just not fair how much they bless you just by being around them. THE BEST COMPANY *slightly biased opinion*

How I got so lucky to document these sweet moments in their life? seriously IDK, but so so honored to be apart of it all.

Woahhh ok, are you ready for it? the engagement shoot we have all been waiting for (!!!) I am so excited to share these beautiful souls with ya! enjoy some of my favs <3


Abby & Josh!







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