Mikayla and Hermans love story:

Mikayla’s younger sister, Bella was working at a local coffee shop where she first got to know Herman. Mikayla shared, “She really liked him, so much so that she decided to work up the courage to ask him to ask me out on a date! What’s funny is like 5 minutes before she walked up to Herman to give him my number, he had a conversation with God about how he was “done looking” and that God would have to bring someone if he wanted him to get married, otherwise God would have to just make him ok with being single. Then BAM, Bella walks up with my number. That Saturday we went out, and it was a great date…but it felt more like we both met a part us..” and the rest is history. (his)story because evidently God was all over this story of love.

When we first began discussing ideas for engagement locations I mentioned a darling cafe that I thought would compliment who they are as a couple so well: fun-loving, playful, energetic, STYLISH!

I shot Mikayla an email “So there’s this adorable spot in the town of purcellville…” Mikayla chimed in, “no way! one of our first dates was in purcellvile! that sounds so perfect!” and perfect it was.

Mikayla & Herman embody a contagious light and love and when they are together it really feels as if they are the only two in the room. I’m certain it’s impossible for me not to smile when I am around them. I wish I could somehow bottle up their laughter and love and spread it all around because it’s life giving. I am so excited to be apart of their big day this fall, God is so present in their relationship and it’s just beautiful to witness.




Bring on all the cuteness, I’m ready!

latte laughs 😉

 The cover of Vogue

loveee these

portrait of the year < people of the year










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