September 22nd of twenty-eighteen, it’s hard to recap days like these.

You know…that date you have a running countdown for and when it comes around you celebrate it for what it truly is: the holiday event of the season.  

It blows my mind to think that at the beginning of the new year this event wasn’t even on my calendar…heck it was nowhere close to my radar!  But God knew.  “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”(Proverbs 16:9) I had no clue he would lead me into this new season the way that he did, but honestly I’ve never been more grateful for his guiding hand in my life.

As I have been reflecting on all that has come from 2018 thus far, I can’t help but notice an underlying theme:  He is making all things new. That isn’t “new news” to me, I’ve been told this truth all throughout my childhood, but it is news in the sense that I’ve lacked understanding of the depth that it holds.

What I didn’t realize before this year was God is a creator who never runs out of fresh ideas, alternative routes, or better solutions. He doesn’t make duplicates and a lot of the time I mistake my expectation not met with his absence. I find myself searching for God in ways that he has shown up in the past but in doing this I miss him completely because I chose to look behind me when God was right ahead of me. <–Can you relate?

If there is any encouragement I have to offer it is this:

His plans for you are filled with promise, look AHEAD, not BEHIND sweet girl because that is the direction your creator desires to lead you. He wants you to be apart of these wicked cool plans he has for your life but he wants your yes, and he wants your steps.  Keep your eyes above the waste and you’ll start to shed off fears and doubts that where always only just that. Remember that you my friend were NOT given a spirit of fear, but were given a spirit of power, love and sound mind. And when you choose to use what he has given you, his glorious plan starts to unfold and you begin to realize that on the other side of that fear is freedom, purpose and unwavering grace.

So yeah, If you would have told me teaching was on my horizon I wouldn’t have believed ya! It is such a testimony to the way God works, using our weaknesses to highlight his strength. It has all been in his timing and I find that so meaningful. I never would have dreamed this for myself at any other point in my life; but I am not who I use to be. He HAD to rid me of some fears I had been tightly gripping onto for too long. I NEEDED to surrender more of myself for more of him and that exchange would change everything.

I think the REAL change started when I shifted my thinking from myself being paranoid of public speaking to: inspiring growth in others. When I realized that it wasn’t about me—> I could lead with confidence knowing I have the opportunity to invite others into a space where they can have permission to grow, and experience the love of the father. My greatest joy is empowering people with who they are <3

Nothing makes my heart more full than watching this community of girls grow. I will remember this day *forever*


Relive it with me>>


so feeding people might be my love language…

Began our time together with a little “meet & sweets” <– emphasis on the sweets

from the looks of this, me and zoe may have been choreographing an interpretive dance…or using alllll the hand gestures to express our excitement !!

Kaitlyn, a sweet sweet bootcamp attendee bought me the cutest little gift <3 so thoughtful & kind!

What the sign says.

sharing the newest member of my “plant family” with the bootcamp gals. clearly an exciting moment for us all.

Some sweet swag from our sponsors:

Custom notebooks : @sarahmdesignart

Bracelet : @Ransom Jewelry

Painting : @ShePaintsScripture

Next we dug into topics like:

“how to build a brand while balling on a budget”,

“identifying who your ideal clients are and how to more clearly speak to them!”    & “creating a memorable client experience”

my favorite outtake from all of Saturday and it’s cracking me up because I don’t know if I was caught praising Jesus, applauding the spread of iced lattes in the house, or just overjoyed that this is real life and get to pour into a room full of creatives✨💗 ALL OF THE ABOVE honestly 

always get excited to see these notebooks filled with notes and next steps to guide their growth <3

Shannon chose the photo bootcamp as her “birthday splurge” and I was so ridicuously honored to spend the day with her!!! Gluten Free oreo cupcakes were a given <3

Next uppp: fresh new ATTENDEE HEADSHOTS to use for their business! holla backkk

step by step shooting, posing (giggling) and q + a breaks to answer any questions along the way!

I always joke that Miley is the unofficial Bootcamp mascot because she greets everyone with so much love and is always somehow managing to photobomb and slide herself into the limelight. **THIS photo below is a prime example and it’s cracking me up!!

behind the scenes of our live shoot portion of the day where the girls get to see first hand how i engage with couples, create a welcoming environment, love on my clients and break down the art of natural many light bulb moments!!

ALRIGHT GUYS, smith pond live shoot time…are you ready to melt?

Remember these faces!!! so much talent & creativity in one place

a special thanks to my family, my sidekick Kaila for capturing all of the special behind the scenes shots and of course our models Mikayla & Herman who are the most fun & empowering couple around! wouldn’t be a bootcamp without em’ !!!

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