Charleston South Carolina…where do I even begin with you!?

I’ve been dreaming of walking down your darling old streets for as long as I can remember and now that I’ve tasted all your sweet charm, down to the tea, I am a loyal fan. You’ve stolen my heart with your history, beach town and southern food to say the least. The second I rolled in and first caught glimpse of rainbow row or your tall palm trees gracing your every street, I’ve had no choice but to fall for you!

It’s wild to me, how you can feel at home in a place you have never been before just seconds after arriving. 

I have so much I want to share with you! There were so many breathtaking sites, late night chats and friendships born in Charleston that I feel like even my best words will still fall short of accurately expressing how life giving this week was really was for me, but I will give it try!

Rewind back to 2014, the year I graduated high school and went on to pursue this baby business of mine. I remember yearning so desperately for the community that I lacked in the industry. I just wanted to get out there and meet other photographers who understood the journey. Authentic community can be hard to find Y’ALL! I remember so many different occasions where I just felt alone/misunderstood as a young business owner who decided to forego the college experience to pursue a dream that was still in the seed planting stage and it was hard waiting for harvest to see the fruit of my labor. But the fruit wouldn’t be so sweet if it weren’t for the waiting season. I think it is in the process were we find what we are made of and I am learning to appreciate the waiting so much more these days.

I remember really communicating my desire for community in prayer to the Lord.  Not only did he answer that prayer in time, but He provided a handful of friendships in these recent years who are not only fellow photographers but also love and know the Lord. <– better than I could have hoped or dreamed (!!)

*Now fast forward to 2018*

When a social media friend (who is also a friend of a friend), Megan reached out to me and 7 other woman about something that had been on her heart for a while : a creative getaway retreat–DID SOMEONE SAY GETAWAY? in Charleston? You BET I was in!!

Prior to our time in Charleston, I only knew 1 out of the 9 of us , my sweet friend & traveling buddy Meredith! I was excited for what the week would bring and getting to get to know each of the girls. In a large group it’s natural to hit it off with some more than others and that is what I was fully expecting…but boy did Jesus have something else in store !!

The first night we all arrived at our airbnb around dinner time, greeted one another with a lot of hugs and travel stories over tacos. That evening after dinner we all sat on the couch in our PJ’s and went around sharing the highs & lows in the season of life we are currently in. I still get chills thinking about it, it was one of the most raw, beautiful conversations I have had in a long time. After we each shared our story, we ended the night with worship and I remember thinking “I feel so blessed to be right here, right now.” God’s presence filled that house. That night set the tone for the whole week and united us each together.

I flew into Charleston hoping for a restful getaway and some new girl friends, what I left with was so much more: a sisterhood.

It’s as if he heard my prayer then said, ” I’ll do you one better!” I wouldn’t have found these girls on my own if it weren’t for Jesus bringing us each together. That first night was evidence that he had orchestrated all of it. It’s already hard to imagine life without them. That may sound crazy, but they have shown me first hand what raw christ-centered community looks like by the way they would drop anything to pray for you, be a listening ear, an encouraging warrior or if nothing less: a partner in crime when you need to make a late night Jeni’s ice cream run! I know enough to say  –> that is a keeper.

If you’ve got a friend like that,  maybe send them a text reminding them how much sweeter they make your life just by being it <3



Now I wish I was sippin’ on sweet tea!

cuties cuties!!

pretty much our friendship in a picture pahah

these gals <3

Thank you so much for these sweet Megan!

& the iphone snapshots, of course!


I sooo wish there was a behind the scenes video of the making of this photo! haha because what you don’t see: our camera propped up on our purses balancing on a public trash can…so you know these are genuine laughs









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  1. LOVE!!!!!!!! Also love all your iPhone snaps! SO GOOD! <3 You're my fave!

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