It was a warm February Sunday afternoon in DC when Diana and I met up at Baked & Wired to kickstart our session. We have a handful of mutual friends but had yet to meet each other prior to shooting together. It was only about 15 seconds after greeting one another that I realized we were going to to have such a fun time together!! Diana is one sweet soul, with a killer sense of style. She is incredibly easy going, and is my *total fav* for going along with all my photo ideas (crazy or not!) We spent our session roaming around Georgetown, paying for over priced juice $$$ that could have bought chipotle (with guac!), dancing down old alley ways & beside garage doors, modeling it out down by the waterfront (with a crowd of people observing–seriously she ROCKED IT OUT like nbd) and of course we indulged in a little DC Coffee along the way. I mean…who could resist?

Something you may not know about me: I really enjoy fashion. Lately, I’ve been taking on quite a few more lifestyle fashion sessions and they have been SUCH a fun way to mix these two parts of my heart!  I am so excited for you to browse on through & leave me some love (aka I wanna hear which shot(s) were your favorite!) WARNING: you will most likely be pinning these images to your fashion Pinterest board..and I can’t say I blame ya! (made easier: click on inspo image from blog post & it will save it right to your board)

Give me all the fashion trend inspo!

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 Just waiting for Ray Ban to sponsor us like….


Um, WOW.. beauty!!


Bonus: session behind the scenes!





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