This post is the first of 3 from this past months Hawaii travels.  I couldn’t think of a better way to kick-off this blog series than with Meredith’s gorgeous Waimea Bay portraits! There was so much to explore in Oahu.  We would wake up at the crack of dawn (due to our very jet lagged body alarm) pretty much every morning we were there. In hindsight, it really did work in our favor! We were out of the house by 8:30 each morning and really were able to make the most of each day.

Me and Meredith had previously talked about doing a shoot together while we were there. However, Hawaiian time was really starting to take it’s toll. Yes, the physical jet lag time difference, but also the slow pace, (something I love so much) laid-back mentality too! We probably should have planned this one out a little more, but here’s how it unraveled: We ended up saving this shoot for one of the last days there. We got our morning Acai Bowl, laid out on the beach and even squeezed in a little exploring here and there. By the time we got home we had 30 minutes TOTAL to: shower, do hair, make-up and pick outfits before sunset. Here is where you are probably saying “y’all are nuts!” Not long after hoping in the car we hit traffic…did I mention we were sunburnt too? It was simply just one of those days! And by one of “those” days, I mean one of the BEST. Simply one for the books that you never want to forget.

As you can probably guess, all ended up working out and we made it to our location juuust in time! There were so many pretty palms and breathtaking beaches to work with—making our job so much sweeter. I loved the way these ended up turning out and I don’t think we could have planned it better ourselves!

Enjoy more of the beautiful Meredith Sledge—she really is one of a kind.









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