Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Making a tradition of gathering with those you love and naming gratitude in your life are some of my favorite things. Setting apart a day filled with that + yummy food?! Count me in. 💁‍♀️

The month of November has brought a lot of reflection for me. Reflecting on my business and the vision + dreams I have for it. Honestly, reflection on life in general. So much has changed for me personally over the last year. With transplanting my world to the other side of the country in the new year and quickly adapting to west coast living, it’s been such a sweet adventure. I’ve never felt more in my element. I’ve found something so sweet here.

It’s wild that I’ve almost been on the west coast a full year but at the same time it’s taught me so much that I feel like I’ve lived here for much longer. The truth is, I’ve learned so much about myself and found such a fullness living here. I’m continually discovering new parts of myself that are coming to life as I continue to make home in the sunshine. If you need proof, study my face as I first catch glimpse of the ocean on a beach walk or during my sunset viewing ritual and you’ll find gratitude swelling up inside of me. Hannah “the sappiest girl you’ve ever encountered” is fully activated. 😂🌞

gratitude scrapbook film girl looking oceanfrontGratitude Scrapbook on film

When I think of what I’m grateful for in this season, these are first things that come to mind…



The souls I’ve encountered here that have become fast friends and my west coast fam…I don’t even have language for how grateful I am for the radiant souls in my corner but that has to be on the top of my list when I consider the good things in my life. I’ve also never been so thankful for Facetime that connects me too all my east coasties. 🤍

girls on beach boho umbrellagratitude scrapbook film seaborne coffee

Sunshine living

I get described as “sunshine” pretty often and honestly its the sweetest compliment to my soul. It’s the light I’m drawn to in others, the sun that feels so good on my skin, what fuels my creativity in day to day life! You could say I’m in my sunshine girl era. 🌼

I remember being on the phone with my mom the week I moved into town and saying “my body feels so good. the sunshine on my skin just feels healing.” I’ve always known I’m deeply moved by light but living here has shown me how greatly it effects my energy, mind, mood, overall creativity etc. I feel like a plant growing in the light here.

Access to consistent sunlight is something I daily thank God for. 🌞

girl smiling beach sunglassesgratitude scrapbook film picnic basket blue sky

Being in nature

Oh boy! Is this one of my favorite things about living in California!!! The beauty here seems endless. I love spending time outdoors and nothing quite feeds my soul the way that nature does. Having access to both mountains + beaches is one of the coolest things I have gotten to experience and have LOVED every chance I get to explore a new spot on my list! I’m constantly captivated by it all.

oceanfront sunset cliffside surfer

Fall activities

For being a biiiig summer girlie I sure am a sucker for Autumn. The “seasons” in Cali aren’t quite the Virginia seasons I’m used to (although I love that 95% of the time), I do love me some fall and all the sweet activities that she includes. Having cozy days with friends, sipping on warm cider, picking pumpkins, farmers markets and thrift dates…these are a few of my favoriteee things. 🌿

On this particular day below me and some of my girlies spent the day at the Long Beach Flea Market. If you know me…you know this was kind of like Disneyland to me. It was a mile long stretch with tents filled with the coolest pieces. 😍 probably one of my favorite days this fall with friends. 🙌🏻

gratitude scrapbook film girl shopping flea market

film seating area boho umbrella patterned blankets


What are you grateful for in life right now? I encourage you to stop and really think about it. Maybe even write it down. I know life has major highs and major lows, but no matter how it ebbs and flows I believe there is always some goodness we can reach for. No matter the season, when we take the time to name it and it does something good for our souls. 🌿

xoxo, Hannah


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