This post is the 2nd to last of the “Travel Hawaii” series and it’s safe to say I have been anticipating this day for a loooong time! The first thing I knew I wanted to do upon booking our tropical excursion was: photograph sweethearts who were Hawaii locals. I think it would be so fun to start a tradition of photographing a new couple in each place I travel to! So, THANK YOU Josh and Lauren for being my first & setting the bar prettyyy high might I add! My new friend, Sunny who we stayed with while in Oahu connected us together and I couldn’t be more grateful for that opportunity.  If Lauren’s infectious smile or Josh’ amazing hair wasn’t enough, these two are also incredibly sweet, playful and caring, genuine people. The kinds you wish lived closer because you know you would be best of friends.

A few days before our shoot together, Sunny invited me and Meredith to go hiking with a few of her friends and we excitedly replied yes! Sunny Golden is one of the most amazing, bubbly, sunshiny girls I’ve ever met–so I knew her friends had to be some pretty fantastic humans..and they were! That hike ended up being the highlight of my trip because we got to hike up a mountain and through water with cliff jumping and floating through the river…basically a DREAM. Before we began the hike, Sunny was introducing everyone and we actually met Lauren without even connecting the dots–it was too funny how it worked out but I am so happy it did because we got to spend more time getting to know her beautiful heart which made our shoot together even more fun!

When preparing this blog post, I really tried to narrow down the image count so I didn’t go overload on sharing…It’s pathetic really, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pick favorites! (because they ALL are if we are being real) However, I don’t think you will mind because it’s one of the most playful sessions I’ve shot filled with so much adventure and sweet love that you won’t even want to rush through it. No judgement if you find yourself circling back to this post more than once because we are right there with ya, friend! 😉

Enjoy the sweethearts >>

I want to frame this one

That Lauren laugh we were talking about!

Ok, who else has some serious hair envy??? Josh’s flow is goals for us all

hahahahah I freaking love this!! they are the best

This water <3




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