One thing I learned QUICKLY after moving to Orange County last year is just how many beaches make up Laguna! The options are honestly endless and they each hold something special. If you’re searching for the perfect setting for your engagement photos and trying to narrow it down, i’ve got you friend! There are sooo many great options it really just comes down to the vibe you’re going for. For Katelyn and Jakes engagement photos they wanted a setting that was adventurous + fun and also had a stellar view, so when they shared the idea of shooting at Victoria Beach it seemed so fitting! It’s the perfect blend of enchanting + whimsical. If you’re looking for a dreamy warm setting that makes you feel like you’re the star in a fairytale, Victoria Beach is a true 10/10.

pirate tower beach couple kissing



🌊The circular stone tide pool on the beach 

The pirates tower (this one is truly the icing on the cake and it low-key feels like it belongs to repunzel)

couple walking at victoria beach during golden hour

There’s a certain brand of joy I feel getting to capture the excitement & love shared between engaged couples. Katelyn and Jake have the kind of nostalgic love story that feels like your favorite film you grew up watching. You don’t have to spend too long with them to realize they were made so perfectly for each other. The way they cherish every moment spent together really shines through their photos and it melts me so much. I left their shoot feeling so excited for their San Clemente wedding in September✨ find me obsessively counting down the days!!!

couple hugging out of focus couple hugging on the beachguy rolling up his sleeve while girl smiles at him on beachguy picking up girl and swinging her aroundcouple dancing on the beach carefreecouple smiling holding hand looking back at each otherguy giving girl a kiss on the cheekcouple snuggled up on the rockscouple dancing on beach backgrounds in focusholding hands walking on sandcouples footprints on the sand running on the sand holding hands leaving footprintscouple dancing on the rocks near the ocean while birds watchguy kissing girls neckguy kissing girls next on the beach making the girl laughcouple kissing on the beach at sunset

Are you looking to capture this season with genuine story portraits that feel like you?? head here and let’s dream up something sweet! ✨


Xoxo, Hannah



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