I first started out photographing weddings I thought it was something I was suppose to love because all of the other photographers I knew did. But the truth? it was HIGH stress and the thought of missing any moment was nerve-racking to me. But over time I grew to really enjoy these days because I found the joy and uniqueness that lied beneath the “can’t miss list”

I realized as a photographer I had a unique role to be able to work fast yet slow things down. Ok, what does that mean?…sounds a bit contradicting to me. In simpler terms: photography is a return ticket to a moment already gone. It’s being able to say “this moment stays” and preserving one of the most fast-paced-yet-happiest-days-of-your-life. It’s not capturing one beautiful detail after another, but rather freezing those moment’s that are raw and evoke unbridled joy.

This is why I adore photographing your day, because I believe your story is beautiful and one worth being told!

It’s wild to think in 50 years these photos will pass on a legacy of love to the next generation. I can’t help but get goosebumps imaging my couples grandchildren flipping through vintage prints, reliving their sweet day…I mean, how priceless !!!

The other year I wrote a note to my #HSPcouples old and new.  Words I felt accurately described apart of their being, who they were, and what they believe. Here is a snippet:

“You’re preparing for a marriage more beautiful than your wedding because you know that long after the music fades and the cake has been cut, your love will endure.
You aren’t afraid to dance to the beat of your own drum as you chase after a life filled with joy, memories, and what matters most with your love by your side.”

I officially met Alex and Todd the day of their wedding, which sounds a little wild to most, since I typically get to know my couples prior to their wedding through an engagement session but between travel and busy schedules that wasn’t in the cards for us. In most cases, it might make me a little worried that I would have to dive straight into the day without forming a strong bond prior but you know what? I left their wedding that evening sharing with my assistant shooter how blessed I was to be welcomed into couples lives like Alex and Todd. Those things I mentioned above are interchangeable with these two. And because we hold similar values, I went into the day hardly knowing them and left feeling a friend–>  and for THAT I know this job is an absolute gift.

I am SO excited to share pieces of the joy that embodied their special day!

without further ado…


Mr. & Mrs. Perry

What a beautiful bride!!

can. not. get. over. these shoes!!!

these bridesmaid first-looks never get old!!!!!!


not being dramatic (in the least) when I say these are some of thee most fun Groomsmen around!!

I mean…how awesome is this shot😂


Todd is so GQ    

This gown is what dreams are made of. Alex was literally made for it. when you don’t have a first look but you still want to hold hands, pray, and steal a kiss before officially becoming husband & wife 


Something that has been so special this year has been getting to photograph weddings with future HSP brides in the bridal party ( like I have already had 3 in 2018 and it has been so much fun!!) These two gals are so incredible. I can not wait to see you again next September sweet Katie!!!

Love these sister portraits         

tunnel runs just seconds after becoming husband + wife should be an every wedding ritual in my opinion

I mean…they belong on the cover of a magazine.

The rain was coming down so hard it sort of looks like snow here…doesn’t it?

Titanic, anyone??

I mean…this really is the best B + G dance I’ve ever seen

yum yum yum yum YUM

how cute are these s’more treats?!






the incredible vendors!

Invitations: The Dandelion Patch 

Dress: Jeanette’s Bride ‘n Boutique

Cake: Amphora Bakery

Caterer: PIGS

Event Planner: Hannah Marie Events

Second Shooter: Kaila Diaz Photography

Venue: Shadow Creek

DJ: DJ Luccio

Make-up: Jillianna Claire 

Hair: Salon60




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