I know someone‘s a gem when they‘ve already got me in tears from laugh-crying within the first 20 seconds of being together… that was this gal the other day.💃😂☀️

i love reflecting on the journey were all on. this time in 2015, Hannah was one of my senior girls and I was taking HER portraits…like what!!!! (THROWBACK to 2015, anyone? enjoy) now fast forward 4 springs later and it’s *wild* how much has changed for us both. And I love it so much. the roads Jesus has taken us on and the places he’s shown himself to us time & time again over these last few years have been so meaningful to where we are now.  I love the way he is continually weaving together every fiber of our days and is relentless in the pursuit of wooing his children from an eternal perspective, not from a human in the midst of their “messy middle” gaze. He is so faithful and patient with me and I can see it more clearly with each passing day.

So here we are 4 years later and instead of senior portraits I got to photograph this cutie in the very place where it all started: downtown leesburg…except now, she’s a freaking rad photographer doing this thang full time herself🤘🏻🌵enjoy some fun behind the scene portraits from our afternoon last week when we created some photography content for both of our businesses!!


Hannah –> basically a walking Madewell ad

love loveee

you know I am just a sucker for these snaps. plus, Han just chopped off a significant amount of her locks, so this shot of her fresh new due was a given!

this one goes out to ann ford (you know who you are)

GET. CUTER. (impossible)

Madewell called: they want their model back.


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