I feel like I am *always* pondering “where do I even start!?” with these type of blog posts from days that just pull so deeply on the heart strings. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, I also don’t want to just share the highlights, but the richness of these days only leave me with a song of joy to sing.

This Saturday I welcomed 6 photographers to Smith Pond, where we sat down in my kitchen, with lattes in hand and plates spilling over with chick-fil-a nuggets + the best goat cheese salad known to man *what more could you want amiright!!* and dug deep into our calling + who we were made to be!

I shared my story…you know, the unfiltered version that comes before & after the instagram highlights. We took a stroll down memory lane to my humble beginnings (back when I thought I had a bright future in flower *weeds* photography LOL) and how I ended up where I am today.

I love sharing these moments openly with others, every bump in the road and hiccup along the way, because if it can help someone avoid making these same mistakes, sweet goodness I want to do so! I started HSP back in 2012, (hi 15 year old baby face Hans👋) and as you can probably guess, there are many things I did that I wish I could go back and do differently! likewise, there are a number of things I did that truly worked in my favor! and that is what this day is all about: sharing my best pieces of advice. Basically, everything that I believe wholeheartedly in, the tried & true, proven results that have grown my business the most over these last seven years!!

my favorite thing on this earth is watching people become who they were always made to be.

God created you like none other, to do things like no one else can.  And we need to lean into that. It’s too easy to compare, but you know what the hard work is? knowing that value you hold and doing something with it.

And I think that is our greatest gift we can offer the world–> freely being who we were made to be. Lean into that, sis! it’s where you’ll shine your brightest!

Boy is it wild to think that this time last year, the Lord started placing this vision for #thephotobootcamp in my heart, and in the months following I would get to pour into over a dozen of photographers embarking on this journey of entrepreneurship.

It’s beautiful really, the way our redeemer draws us near to his heart and the natural outflow of knowing his great love more intimately, results in shedding parts of who I am not. Letting go of the false identity and wounds I so casually clothed myself in, and the parts of me that hindered my becoming. But He is faithful indeed to speak truth into who we are, and quick to take those growth stunting comforts and give us the real necessities in return.

I think I’ve seen more clearly than ever, that in my becoming, his pruning isn’t his punishment. it’s preparation for greater fruitfulness.

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15:2

And days like these, where I get the incredibly special privilege of pouring into a community of artists…I get a greater taste for the work he is doing here. And that fruit is something sweet.



Relive the day with me!

   To our wonderful sponsors: THANK YOU for believing in this day and these girls. Thank you for running with my vision and helping me shower each attendee with love and a bag full of swag! a special shout out to: Sarah of sarahmdesignart, and Erica of Ransom Jewelry for the custom goodies and for target (who didn’t technically “sponsor”, but love em anyway)


         Coming to terms with: the more joy in Hannahs heart, the less visible her eyes become

    behind every bootcamp there is a family of loyal (cheer)leaders, like this bff beside me. simple truths. such a life-giving day I think I’ll be riding the high this whole week🌵✌🏻

the face of utter joy & gratitude when…

Nicole (my sweet sweet student) greeted ME with a gift: i.e. the most darling little plant

E V E R,  a soul sister that’s for sure!!!

THE INFAMOUSLY FAMOUS BOOTCAMP GOAT CHEESE SALAD…as one attendee put it, “if I take nothing else away from this day, at least my life was changed by this salad” hahaha

Miley…our honorary bootcamp mascot. She’ll never miss a moment of fun or an opportunity for a belly rub.


After teaching comes Headshot time!! I love getting to gift these girls with some fresh new shots for their biz!

The faces of joy and light…remember em’…they are gonna do B R I G H T things on this earth. love who they are and their big hearts.

hahahah Miley splitting the sea. Girlfriend does was Girlfriend wants.

Kind of want to blow this up and frame it in my room…too far?! <3 just love em all

Now its time for the fan-favorite: shooting 101 + the art of authentic posing! the part of the day where my students get to see how I engage with my clients, create a welcoming experience and produce true natural photos. loveeee getting to witness all of their lightbulb moments!

what a sweet sweet day. It is abundantly special to not only get to host this type of community but to do it out of my home… that is the real kicker  <3

Thank you Jesus

a special thanks to my family, my sidekick Kaila for capturing all of the special behind the scenes shots and of course our models James & Hannah who are the most fun-loving, playful & sweet couple around! wouldn’t be a bootcamp without you all !!!


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