This fall has felt like the ‘season of seniors’

I’ve been shooting back to back sessions for the past several months and i’ve noticed there is something special about this class that just hits different.  I’m finding myself leaving our time together so inspired by the way they’re championing change and making the most of a year that has felt stolen in many ways. As I’ve gotten to spend time with my girls the last several weeks I’ve curiously asked:

“what has your senior experience looked like this year?”

“In what ways have you been impacted? (good or bad) and how are you feeling about it?”


The answer differs with every soul but an underlying theme expressed has been that disappointed doesn’t = ruined. It’s a year that no one planned for but it’s a year that a lot of us have learned how to sift through our soil and hold dear the moments/things that mean something deep to us. It’s given me eyes to see the gold nuggets around me & expanded my gratitude all the same.

Something my girls have shared with me over the course of this year has been that having their portraits taken has been the highlight of their year 🥺😭 I’m not crediting myself for that, but rather sharing because it’s allowed me to realize that each of us get the honor of gifting something special to someone else & that’s stuck with me. That I get to extend this invitation that allows someone to be invited into a space where they can shine in their own light and forget the heaviness of the season for a moment. That is the stuff in this life that I wouldn’t trade for the world 🤍

if you‘re reading this now I just want you to know that you have a superpower and it’s love in action. Go on’ and shine your light where your feet are. You were freaking made for this✨


Georgetown  x  DC


Xoxo, Hannah


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