Backyard Intimate Garden Elopement

This season has looked wildly DIFFERENT then I would ever have imagined. I think that statement rings true for just about all of us.  What would normally be known as my busy season as a wedding photographer was replaced with what feels more like a second (& much warmer) round of winter. I’m shooting less these days but using this new found time working on a lot of the backend of my business and more importantly showing up for my #HSPcouples navigating their way through the effects of a pandemic.

My client’s have been my biggest teachers through this season.

100% through and through.

They taught me a good deal about choosing joy in the midst of pain. About making the most of any circumstance. How to walk through your valley with grace (for others and for yourself) every step of the way. I admire the heck out of them and want to give them an epic slow clap👏🏻 because they are the ones leading with love and it’s such a gift to watch.

Capturing Cassandra & Scott’s intimate wedding ceremony was the sweetest sunshineyyy day!  I would shoot it over and over again if I could…lucky for me, we get to do it again later this summer and celebrate with all their friends!!!

If you followed their story and read this falls blog post (check it out here), then you know I’ve been looking forward to this day practically since I left them!  I have loved spending time getting to know these two and my heart was so full getting to be apart of this intimate celebration.  One of my favorite (!!!!) moments of the day was a surprise parade where so many of their loved ones drove through their neighborhood to celebrate them and cheer them on from the sideline. It was priceless. and pulled on my heartstrings, seeing the way their community got creative to still show up and celebrate them! their friends may have been socially distanced, but the love was closer than ever.


Meet the newlyweds >>

these moment… always tug at my heart.


i mean…they’re the cutest.

Cass you are stunning!!!




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