Convinced this should be an advertisement with the header, “Anthropologie for Boone Hall Plantation”

Meredith has the best style and is pretty much a walking Anthro ad! I love getting to photograph her any chance I get and capture that contagious Meredith smile! She is beauty and she’s grace and we laugh so hard we cry (ok, I cry…hahah) when we are together, it just fills my cup.

While in Charleston we toured THE BOONE HALL PLANTATION and that is deserving of all caps in my opinion!!

Yes, Boone Hall is a breathtaking venue with so much history and charm–but if you are a Nicholas Sparks Notebook lover, then this spot holds even more reasons to fangirl and document every crevice touring the house! Safe to say I was convinced I could bump into Gosling at any moment!! and I am sad to report that did not happy…but I’m a DREAMER and we will get em next time!


Until then,

enjoy some beautiful portraits of my darling friend, Meredith!


SO much joy it fills me! mere bear you are such light my friend!!

I mean… she’s just plain adorable







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