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One of the most popular questions I receive in my dm’s from clients these days is: “Do you travel outside of the Northern Virginia/DC area for shoots?” my answer? heck yeah i do!  If we’re friends you know I LOVE me a sweet escape for a wicked view, and believe it is always worth the adventure, especially when it’s a spot that is meaningful to my couples. When Mike and Marie emailed asking if I had any locations on my “wishlist” that I had been wanting to shoot at, I could have literally hugged them through the screen!!!  Immediately Carters Mountain Orchard came to mind. It seemed like such a fun fall inspired vibe that would also capture a breathtaking Charlottesville mountain view for these nature-loving-souls and I am so glad they were just as excited about the idea as I was.

Leading up to our session I have my couples answer a handful of questions about one another, the qualities they appreciate and what they want to remember about THIS current season in 20 years from now and I always look forward to hearing their thoughtful responses. I remember sitting at my computer one particular afternoon reading through what Mike and Marie had to say and being so touched by these words:

“I really want our pictures to capture how goofy we are, how much we love being outside and how much we love and respect one another.”

We are best friends. We are always there for one another no matter the circumstance. We are so excited for the next 20 years but looking back we’ll remember what it’s like to be just us. To really give that necessary dedicated time to one another with no distractions. We are always trying to bring out the best in one another and are always trying to help the other person figure out what lights their soul on fire. We want each other to succeed more than anything and are doing our best to help the other get there. We’ll remember that this the time before we are taking off – house, dogs, taking off in our careers, getting married – all of the big moments and we’re ready to take it on together.”

Maybe it was the way they were down for driving 4 hours round trip for a sweet view. Maybe it was their fun-loving type of kindness that makes you want to adopt them as best friends right off the bat. Maybe it was the way they brought out Hannah laugh-tears within 5 minutes of meeting (record time tbh) but they also just bring out the best in whoever they are around. so whatever it “may be” I’m about it☀️

Meet the sweethearts >

gosh they are so darn cute

they shared that they had their own special handshake so naturally I made them show me!! haha


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