Fall 2019 Photo Bootcamp

November 4, 2019

Virginia Photographers Workshop | The Photo Bootcamp

Sitting here in a coffee shop trying to holdback the joyful Hans tears (if you know, you know) reflecting on a day that will be added to my collection of ‘most special ones’. This was our FOURTH Photo Bootcamp hosted (someone tell me HOW) that has brought so many new sweet additions to this creative community and I am already wondering what it was like without them!?  can’t imagine it. There is something so special about this group of people and I feel so sappy grateful to be apart of something so special, where people walk through my front door not knowing a soul and leave laughing + hugging goodbye like we’ve just spent a week together at summer camp. It’s kind of the BEST thing in the world.

I got a text the morning of that read:

“man I know these people are going to learn a lot today about photography, but don’t forget the real gift you have to give them!!…”

Good friends will point you to the truth and it just made me smile because she was absolutely right. I can’t share my business journey, or any page of my story without giving credit to the one who has brought me here.Truth be told: I’m reminded of his faithfulness with every photographer that adds to this community !! 2 years ago I had on my heart to pray for a group of photographers that i had never met, nor was I fully convinced would get to. But he gave me this vision for what “could be” and asked me to pray expectantly for it.

It’s wild that some of my most special days are a result of him taking even the tiniest ounce of faith I had to offer to follow after what he put inside of my heart. I share on business strategy, client experience & workflows, but the most valuable thing you could take away from these days are knowing the purpose and value you can add to the lives around you by using your gifts and loving others well. I could write paragraphs on these people and this day but in short: I’m so proud of each one of them ☀️

Pumped to share one my favorite holidays (in my book) with you today  😉 I’ll just be smiling stupid big reliving it all over again today>>


Photo Bootcamp Round 4

baby brother amos & bff kaila made sure there wasn’t one soul not caffeinated at bootcamp and for that reason alone they are the real mvps!!

The custom journals my sis does for each attendee is one of my favorite details we’ve had apart of every bootcamp. It makes my heart full thinking of attendees pouring the nuggets they’ve learned throughout the day into these pages and referring back to them in the days to come. Something so sweet about it.

I love gifting. it’s such a joyful thing for me.  Getting to pull pieces together to inspire/brighten ones day is so fun. Erica of Ransom Jewelry is one of our incredible sponsors at the Photo Bootcamp and I love getting to treat my community with pieces that I believe in and also wear in my every day life.

I feel like I would be doing every soul reading this a major disservice by not sharing that Trader Joes has pumpkin GF/DF Pumpkin Muffins mix and after baking them for bootcamp & my tastebuds being changed forever I’m convinced everyone needs to RUN to their local tj’s to clear out their pumpkin stock before winter. THAT GOOD.

oh you knoooow it was love at first sight when I eyed these Joanna Gaines motivational mugs. A staple.

Ok, I’m starting to think the nickname “Hans” might have been coined after my BIG hand gesture teaching style😂

Teaching my full-start-to-finish editing approach for consistent creamy sunshine!!

ALREADY MISS THESE FRIENDS <3  who is ready for a reunion ?? I am, yeah ok ya got me

Q: why am I always dying laughing??

wow QT’s

HAHA. *had to* share this behind the scenes of caleb making the fairytale magic happen* will forever make me smile!!!


a special thanks to my favorite pregnant bff sidekick aka Kaila for being apart of making bootcamp so special + capturing all of the behind the scenes shots and of course our models MJ & Corrine who were such a joy to create some magic with! wouldn’t be a bootcamp without you all !!!

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