Another Summer night spent in Laguna for a Divers Cove couples shoot with some of the best clients! There is nothing I love more than exploring a beach spot I haven’t yet been to, so that paired with capturing some of the sweetest love stories & exciting life seasons with a setting this dreamy? A constant rush. ✨

For Emma and Brooks shoot with their sweet pup Charlie we chose Divers Cove at sunset to explore, but when we arrived it was pretty packed so we started our shoot at Fishermans Cove (which is a little more tucked away + hidden). After just a short walk down the street, we had good luck with less people around, and for the second half we finished their Divers Cove couples shoot and caught the best of that evening’s dreamy sunset glow. 👌🏻😭 I am so excited for you to soak up this cuteness and completely FALL IN LOVE with sweet Charlie boy. 😍

Emma + Brooks!

divers cove couples shoot smiling dogfishermans cove couple pose dog

you’re kidding right?!?

black and white divers cove couples shoot

my heart melts

couple smiling hugging dogdivers cove couples shoot smilingwalking barefoot dog beachblack and white divers cove couples shoot dogfishermans cove couple pose smilinggirl carrying smiling dog beachblack and white divers cove couples shootcouple hugging smiling dog beach

hello neutral fit couple goals 🤩

divers cove couples shoot neutral outfitscouple hugging smiling beachdivers cove couples shoot couple holding handsdivers cove couple holding hands beachblack and white divers cove couples shootguy holding girl beach

pure Divers Cove couples shoot feels right here

black and white divers cove couples shoot snugglingcouple kissing beach golden hourdivers cove couples shoot outfit detailsdivers cove couples shoot golden hour guy holding girlcouple walking beach sanddivers cove couples shoot beach sunset

I’m a total sucker for a sweet B&W

black and white beach couple posedivers cove couple walking golden hourdivers cove couples shoot dancing golden hourguy holding girl beach golden hourdivers cove couples shoot holding hands posegolden hour couple holding handsdivers cove couples shoot golden hourblack and white couple pose smilingcouple dancing golden hour beachdivers cove couples shoot hugging smilingblack and white couple dancing beachdivers cove couples shoot guy kissing girlblack and white divers cove couples shoot

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Xoxo, Hannah





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