Are you ready for a brand shoot?

September 12, 2022

How do you know if you are ready for a brand shoot? Well I’m so glad you asked. 😉

You may be ready for a brand shoot if…

✨ You create your own content.

✨ You want to be proud of what you produce.

✨ You’re tired of using stock images.

✨ You would love to have the right imagery to speak to your target audience or ideal client.

✨ Your photos aren’t telling a story of your brand/product or are just pretty filler images.

✨ You don’t have any photos of yourself that are up to date.

✨ You want to have a gallery of photos to choose from instead of scrambling to take a last minute shot for the gram or for your latest project!

If you found yourself nodding your head to any of these, friend, you’re in a need of a brand shoot! And you’re probably not really shocked by that either, right?  I mean you did find yourself here. 😉  If you want to know *how I really feel* about all things brand photos I’m sharing the shoot I had done in Malibu when I first moved out to Southern California in the beginning of the year and my personal takeaways from that experience HERE!

Truth is, as a brand photographer, I am constantly having conversations around the topic of brand storytelling and the value that lifestyle portraits bring to brands. It’s been so cool getting to see the fruit of that personally since having my done!

If you’ve heard the term “brand shoot” casually thrown around but have no clue what that *really* entails/ who they are necessarily for, I hope today’s blog serves you with the clarity you’ve been looking for! But if it’s still not crystal clear let’s break down what they are & what they’re NOT. 🙅‍♀️


They’re NOT:

⚡️ Only for big brands—they’re for small businesses, large businesses, public figures, authors, literally anyone showing up online and offerings something.

⚡️ Headshot sessions —don’t think LinkedIn profile but more like photos that take you behind the scenes, invite you into an experience, show off your personality + tell a story all while staying true to your style.


They ARE:

For storytellers, for passionate artists, for creatives, for small businesses or big brands who ultimately need content to show up day to day, in an intentional way in their online social space and serve their community/audience well. In this day and age the importance of showing up online in a genuine + real way (and not with an outdated headshot or product shot😉) as a business/ brand has never been more vital. My favorite thing as a photographer is getting to step into my different client’s brands and create a personalized photography experience that helps my client reach their target audience in a true authentic way while also having one of a kind photos that feel REAL and tell their story.


Getting to create intentional imagery for brands that helps them show up online and tell a story is a big passion of mine. ✨ Sound like what you’ve been searching for?? Let’s connect and bring your brand to life, sunshine!



xoxo, Hannah



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