Massachusetts wedding photographer| Cape Cod | Dunes Edge Campground

We saw the dunes, looked at each other calmly (with zero ounces of calm), veered off the side of the road, ran up the trail we saw people on, just following their lead/hoping they were headed in the same direction…*imagine an elliptical machine on sand* and that’s what I imagine me & Meredith looked like racing to the top and honestly my heart just goes out to the three girls behind us who made it up there only to see us dancing with excitement and then immediately regretting why they chose to come when they had. ALL THAT TO SAY: took our breath away (literally and figuratively)😂

I loved this sweet day and honestly never want to forget it <3 (probably why I made it into a blog post haha) enjoy a few favorites from Meredith’s session at the Provincetown dunes + this cutie little motel we stumbled upon along the way!!


Take me back to this day>>

     oh c’mon now👏


SO MUCH JOY (& such an accurate representation on how we felt about making it to the top)

Gawshhhh okay!!! what a stunna

“looooove” <— said to every photo

just Meredith kicking sand in my face


such a beautiful soul through & through! love ya Mere!!






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