One of the most frequently asked questions I get…is about my room reno!

I find it both flattering & humorous because it’s not even photography related! haha but it does bring a smile to my face when you all ask because home design + styling is one of my love languages for sure.

what I love most about my job without a doubt is cultivating a space that feels like home to people. Creating a welcoming environment for people to be loved in. To feel the truest version of themselves and always leave fuller than they came!

i think it is so cool that we *get* to create the atmosphere and invite others to be apart of something so much bigger than ourselves. This job has never been just about the photos, but the experience that connects me with so many incredible people and opportunities to extend Gods love on the daily.

I’m fascinated as I’m learning about being made in the image of Christ, how we were designed to reflect our creator and how that looks so different for each of us but we are all apart his story of glory in some way or another. I think that’s why i enjoy it all so much (this job, home design, diy’s, really just any creative expression) because I feel him extending an invitation to me to be apart of what he is already doing🌿


Tour my home space!

LET’s start with these floors why don’t we…

I use to have “well loved” (read: ancient) carpet in my bedroom that had certainly seen better days!!

My Dad heard about my dream of white hardwood floors and one Saturday said, “Alright, let’s do this thing Chip & Jo style!” Upon the many hats he wears, Dad is a carpenter. But I like to refer to him as the OG Pinterest because he was the ultimate DIY fixer upper guy before Pinterest was ever a thing.

I remember pulling up the carpet: wishing, hoping, praying for hardwood GOLD

If you’ve watched HGTV then you know that it’s either Gold waiting for you underneath the surface or it’s the farthest thing from it. Praise Jesus when we lifted up those 4 layers of carpet/ padding it was the hardwood we were hoping for. oh glorious hard wood!! I could have kissed ya! (and if we’re being completely transparent here: I probably did)

We spent that whole weekend in my bedroom and if you know my Dad, it’s never just a simple project.  One thing lead to another, and in under 48 hours I had: fresh painted walls, dreamy hardwood floors and a fireplace chimney we discovered beneath my wall (the accident of my dreams) and gave him my most persuasive “you know what I’m thinking?!” head nod. YEP. I am definitely his daughter. We had that brick baby exposed & painted a fresh coat of white ( shocker 😉 ) in record time!!!

I think my favorite thing over the years has been all the home projects i’ve gotten to do alongside my Dad. Walking into a room and remembering the memories made and seeing the finished project really is such a cool and rewarding feeling!


What would I do without Eric Smith!!

peep the exposed brick!!

Hello, I’m Hannah Smith & I *may* have a plant problem…the silver-lining here is that my dream of living in a greenhouse one day is one step closer with every succulent I bring home 😉

I looked high & low for the perfect “bed side table” piece that was both unique and was narrow enough to work in this space, then one summer day, our sweet neighbor friend (an angel I’m convinced) walked over and said “So I heard you were on the search for a rustic ladder…Go take a look in our barn ;)”

…So this little cutie was a free find and I think it is PERFECT. splattered paint & all!

I was gifted this little clay pot souvenir in Jerusalem and it reminds me of my time spent in Israel <3 ready to go back

mom mentions the weeds she sees’s growing on the daily and I’m over here telling her “they’re only wildflowers” 😉

Successfully kept this guy alive for 2.5 years…I am not taking questions at this time, all I know: by God’s grace alone


Thrift find #1!

Being new to the thrifting game, I excitingly strolled this piece across the warehouse to ask the man at the front desk  “How much for the chair?!” (prepared to be disappointed) but trying to play it off super cool regardless

“Ten Dollars!”

*mouth drops*…I may have actually been drooling at this point, definitely losing any of the cool I once possessed.

“are you sure?” <— pro tip: don’t question it! just thank the man and walk. away. 

So yes, $10 for a vintage leather chair that still swivels and has all of it’s charm. BLESSED


Leather desk chair & white chair | The Restore thrift shop by Habitat for Humanity

Desk | Marshalls

Lamp | World Market

Wood Hanger Decor | World Market

Basket | World Market

Light Fixture | Online (source unknown)

Rug | Homegoods

Cactus Lamp | Homegoods

Rustic hanging lamp | Antique Shop

Fan | Marshalls

Medium + Small Journal and Mug | Anthro

Dresser | Ikea

Shelving | Chip & Jo’s Hearth and Hand for Target

Mirrow | Target

Pink Wireless Speaker | The Target $3-$5 section

Canvas backpack | Target…where else!?

and if it’s not listed…safe to assume it’s probably a Target or Homegoods find! 😉


The Behinds the scenes process of #Hansmakesithomey:



My 2nd thrifting victory!

This one was the type of find you *really!* had to look at with a lens of

“what it could be”

I squealed when our eyes first met and I know you’re probably thinking, “wow, was it the lime green color that stole your heart?” haha this chair definitely needed some love but it had such a good core and I couldn’t help but see it’s potential.

If you’ve followed along on IG Stories over the last year I put out a poll and y’all helped me decide what color to go with and I LOVE how clean and fresh it turned out! team neutrals for the win!






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