You are about to meet the two loveliest humans, you readyyy?

Last week I got to travel to Lynchburg Virginia to capture Liz & Tommy’s engagement session. I had been looking forward to this shoot for WEEKS and was so darn excited to meet these two! They are the type of people who seconds after meeting instantly feel like friends. I HAD THE BEST TIME WITH THEM (<– had to be said in all caps)

any couple who willingly frolics through the forest in the dead of winter & dances around in the sunshine are MY KIND OF PEOPLE. Then to top it all off (like if that wasn’t perfect enough) takes me to their favorite local coffee spot for post e-shoot cold brew (yes I’m the luckiest girl with clients like these) Already counting down the days til’ May when we get to reunite and celebrate their big day!!!

long story short, their story from Liz:

“We met at church camp when we were 15, and the day we met, i told all of my friends that i was going to marry him. We were living in different states and tried to keep in touch, but nothing ever came of it. A year and a half later, i was heading down to dc (where he was Living) for a field trip, so my best friend (and now mAid of honor) reached out to him on instagram and told him when and where to meet us so he could see me. He surprised me with a rose, and we had our first date, and the rest is history! I am SO excited to finally marry this sweet man in the blue ridge mountains.”


say hello to these lovebirds >>

how about these trees !!

right around this time we were singing taylor swifts “are we out of the woods”

this sequence just has me smiling from ear to ear

 the cover to every nicholas sparks film


gooosh I love em.





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