Why I Invested in a Brand Shoot As a Photographer

July 6, 2022

photographer brand shoot neutral bicyclephotographer brand shoot girl smiling

You may be thinking, Hans, why hire someone to take your photos when you could take them yourself!? You’re a photographer and have photographer friends too – why pay someone else for your brand shoot?

Sis, you’re not wrong. Yes, I “could” take these myself, or simply ask a friend. That is what I have typically done in the past and there’s nothing wrong with that. But this time around, I knew that in order for me to offer a greater experience for my brand clients, investing in the same experience that I believe in would offer me a greater perspective on how to serve them better.

I got brand photos done to learn first hand how my clients feel

As soon as I started planning my west coast move I knew I wanted to have a brand shoot done and I had one photographer gal in mind. Sweet Rachel Wakefield, where do I even begin!?  Fun fact: Rachel was actually one of the first SoCal photographers I started following a few years back so it felt so fitting to get to have her capture me in the place I now am lucky enough to call home. 🤍  This gal is the real deal. Not only is she a great talent but so down to earth with the most fun spirit. She truly has a heart of gold and I left our shoot feeling like I was just hanging out with one of my girls.

It was so fun getting to plan this shoot and bring it all to life. We shot a handful of different looks, and took different portraits I was needing for my business for a combination of different projects I was working on and also for social media content/online needs.

As a brand photographer, I’m often communicating the value of not only having photos of the sweet soul behind the brand so that your clients can get to know, like and trust you, but also having portraits that tell a story, share your mission and really bring your client into the experience you’re offering so that they can imagine themselves in it. With so much of our worlds being online, having strong visuals that easily communicate all of those things and connect with your future clients shouldn’t be at the bottom of your list.

Alongside that, being in FRONT of the camera for a change was also such a helpful reminder for me of what it feels like. Having someone who knows how to make you feel instantly comfortable and guide you through the posing process effortlessly is such an important part of the job and honestly so insightful for me being on the other side.

Okay, I’m going to be sharing more on brand shoots from a photographer perspective in blog posts to come but for now I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite photos that my girl Rachel created because I am still not over them!!!


Hans Brand Shoot

malibu beach photographer brand shoot girl smiling neutral bicycle florals

girl smiling photographer brand shootgirl smiling photographer brand shoot neutral backgroundgirl walking malibu beach

photographer brand shoot malibu beach rocksgirl smiling sunny photographgirl smiling neutral sun shadowspoint dume malibu photographer brand shoot

We shot at Point Dume in Malibu and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better spot for our shoot! It gave us all the variety I was looking for style wise and honestly, this is just something magical about being in the bu. This place will always feel special to me. ✨

girl on beach golden hour malibu california

sunny photograph girl smilingphotographer brand shoot sunny

photographer brand shoot malibu beach

Answer these Q’s before having a brand shoot for your business:


“What did I like and dislike about my previous brand shoot?”

“How do I want people to feel when they encounter my brand?”

“Who is my brand audience?”

Answering & expressing this will set both you and your photographer up for success and ultimately help you speak to your client clearer!


background focus malibu beachgirl walking photographer brand shootgirl smiling picnic blanket malibu beachpolaroid camera girl smiling


xoxo, Hannah



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