your unique wedding bridal partyIf you’ve landed here I’m guessing you’ve found yourself in the wedding planning boat and aren’t too satisfied with the options that have been presented to you? I see you, sunshine! Truth is, I’m not crazy about them either and am all for your unique wedding. 😉

I’ve been shifting my focus this season to provide a wedding experience for my couples who are on the genuine search for something different. Souls who aren’t interested in keeping up with “this seasons top trends” or traditions you see EVERYONE else doing, but mean nothing to you personally, just for the sake of tradition. You have full permission to center this day around what matters most. Your souls and the love that carried you here. If it doesn’t feel like you, forget it and freely focus elsewhere friend!

Your unique wedding story is one of a kind.

There are no two souls quite like you. This is a day to celebrate your unique love for each other and it shouldn’t fit within the structure of a “one size fits all” style of wedding day. At least, I don’t believe so! I’m far more interested in storytelling through portraits that you feel then staging the “perfect” shot. 

I’ve started to notice where I come alive most as a storyteller.

Hands down–> I feel more creative and in my element when i’m working with couples to handcraft an experience that honors WHO they are as a couple, WHAT they cherish, and HOW their love feels. *This* is the environment where the real magic takes place. 🙌🏻

If you’ve viewed countless pricing guides + wedding packages and have seen all the bells and whistles but haven’t found anything that meets the needs of what you’re looking for, i’m so glad you landed here!

Every wedding package doesn’t have to include X amount of hours, a day of portrait timeline that doesn’t feel as organic to natural moments, a second photographer, +xyz that you’ve seen bundled into most packages. If you’re reading all of this like, um…YES, Hannah you’re speaking right to me! I am so glad you feel seen here.  Let’s bring it back to what matters most and handcraft a portrait experience that feels like you, because isn’t that what this is all about anyway?!

Here is your invitation to embrace a different way of doing things and plan your unique wedding! Head here and let’s dream up something sweet together!!! ✨


bride and groom kissing bridal partyyour unique wedding bride and groom huggingbride and groom hugging wedding veil


Xoxo, Hannah










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