Virginia Wedding Photographer | Timeline Hacks

To the planning bride babe in the house working on crafting the “perfect wedding day timeline”, this ones for you Gal!

I want to share with you a little timeline hack that will DOUBLE the Bride & Groom portraits you end up with in your gallery… ya ready? it’s short and sweet, so I’ll cut to the chase.

👉🏻SCHEDULE IN TEN MINUTES FOR SUNSET PORTRAITS. For real, it’s as simple as a 10 min fix!! although, if you want to add more time, your photographer won’t throw a fit 😉

👉🏻This typically happens during the reception, right after dinner (depending on the time of year/season of your wedding), we’ll sneak out for a few moment’s to soak up some whimsical soft portraits in the sun.

The Pro’s:

You’ll have a bonus 10 minutes to step away & enjoy some quiet moments together for the FIRST TIME as newlyweds!

It adds variety to your gallery! usually Bride & Groom portraits are scheduled earlier in the day before or immediately following the ceremony, when the sun is still more on the harsh side. By making time for golden hour portraits you’ll have two completely different feels to the overall mood of your portraits and the results of that will show in your wedding gallery!

-It also gives your photographer more creative freedom to produce romantic dreamy portraits for the the two of you!

The Con’s:

-There really aren’t any! almost 90% of my couples plan for sunset portraits and NONE of them have complained or regretting this use of time…in fact, I’ve only received positive feedback from #HSPcouples regarding their portrait experience!!! it truly is a win-win, friend!

Aren’t 100% sold yet? enjoy some examples below from Liz and Tommy’s wedding!!! I can’t imagine their day without these portraits 😉



Sunset Magic:






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