The case for winter shoots

Dec 19

Most of us write off winter entirely when we think of ideal portrait seasons. It’s also assumed to be a season of “photographer hibernation” amongst most people. I’m taken back by the amount of “So..Hannah, how do you spend *all* your free time in the winter??” questions I receive this time of year. To which I gently respond 1 of 2 ways.

Giggling, or with a face that nods pondering in agreement like “oh shoot, good point…what do I do with all this free time??” realizing that most people don’t understand photo-taking is only 10% of the job and it’s easier to agree than to break it to them. Photo-taker, editor, blogger, copywriter, bookkeeper, event coordinator…just touches the service. The common misconception of what goes into running a small business is a conversation for another day but for now, let’s just set the record straight: photographers wear a lot of hats. 

I’m realizing now as my fingers touch the keys, I have more than a few passionate feelings towards this topic. The truth is: I wasn’t always an advocate. I’m not a lover of the cold. Far from it actually. I’m that summer girl who loves the heat and believes anything under 50°f is all sorts of wrong.  However, I’m learning to seek beauty out in places I never have before. As my winter books have become fuller this season, I’ve discovered: the rawness found in winter light is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced before. I’ve really come to adore it, deem it as” freeze worthy”😂  SURE I am still *that person* pairing knee-high socks, 6 sweaters, fleece lined leggings, fake ugg’s and a parka as my uniform for these shoots but i’m finding immense beauty in what this season brings nonetheless. 

Richard & Ash >>

I got to be apart of photographing their engagement and their wedding day so naturally when Richard emailed me about surprising Ashley with a shoot for her birthday (talk about husband points!!) I was all in!!!! When we talked about a location for this shoot they said “we’d love to have our session at Smith Pond…do you think we could do that?”

You mean, would I mind walking 5 steps from my front door to commute to our session? hehe YEAH I THINK WE COULD SWING IT something so special about shooting somewhere so close to my heart + love all the Christmas winter wonderland vibes !!

Is it just me or is it impossible not to smile looking at these two!? <3











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