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a in-home-session might be for you if…

September 16, 2019

in-home-session, Lynchburg va


Tommy got in touch with me in the beginning of the summer about planning a surprise trip to Lynchburg for a birthday session for Liz, and I didn’t need any convincing! I just adore these two and have found so much joy getting to document such special seasons in their lives this past year through their engagement, wedding day, and more happy sweet celebrations. We’ve decided i’m the official family photog and that’s a title I will gladly accept <3

Following Liz’s latest Target home finds always leaves me inspired–I love seeing the way her and tommy cultivate such a beautiful space paired with their gift of hospitality.

Their home is basically a real life Pinterest board…so prepare your eyes🤩

In-home-sessions have become more & more popular over the last several years, and I have gotten a handful of questions on them recently so I thought I would give you some (hopefully) helpful pointers & breakdown who they are a great option for!


an in home session might be for you if:

  • if you are naturally a homebody. I always love encouraging clients to choose spots that are meaningful to both them & their relationship. Your portraits will be that much sweeter when they reflect your true personalities too!


  • if you want to showcase your first home together where memories are being made, life is being lived, and where all the just married “firsts” happen.  this is the spot. I especially love the idea of couples gifting themselves an in-home-session as an anniversary gift!!


  • if you want to foster a more intimate space to create portraits that embody your relationship together. Something you’ll find browsing through this session in particular is how well it reflects the little everyday type of moments both silly and sweet and full of laughter. Whether that’s making coffee together, welcoming a new plant baby into the family (which is absolutely something to be celebrated), having a pillow fight or just sweet snuggles together. I love getting to be welcomed into my couples homes to captured their legacy of love in such a special way.


I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your next session with your boo thang! If you found this post helpful or left feeling inspired, pass it on to a friend! friends don’t let friends miss out 😉


you ready for this?!

Tommy’s a barista and made us the most delicious homemade Lavender iced coffee that I can’t stop dreaming about. This is him manually grinding, just slaving away for all of us to benefit. You da best T!

You know they are your people when they jump on board with my overly excited encouragement to pot the newest member of the family during their session

& then we realized the pot wasn’t *quite* big enough mid transplant so “we” (also known as them) had to carve it down with a kitchen knife (lol desperate times)… I think Tommy’s face says it all!! 😉

ok, but they really are the cutestttt

something so special about these <3

I hear pillow fights are the recipe for a thriving marriage… ok maybe the dramatic side of Hans “heard” herself say this, but really what other confirmation do we need than the photos😍

awhhh @ these next few!






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