Crystal Cove Lifestyle Brand Photographer

These days i’m realizing now more than ever how motivated I am by light. How the sunshine feels touching your skin. The warmth it carries. the way it paints vibrant color into the sky. It’s the focal point of what energizes me in every day life. Not merely light you can see but light that makes you feel set free. A load lifted. less weight. A source that shines in the shadows and overcomes what feels dark. Evenings like these with light bursting in & all around the souls in front of me is where i find endless inspiration💫 

A few weeks back I got to spend time photographing the lovely Sarah and Tess  and dance around Crystal Cove during golden hour and it filled this heart so so much!!! These sisters radiate such big light and it I left our time feeling so energized + full of life 🌞  enjoy a few favs from this sweet sunday sunshine!!!


Tess & Sarah


Xoxo, Hannah



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