Torrey Pines Elopement Adventure Portraits | Caleb & Tessa

March 21, 2022

If I could choose any location to explore with my couples in San Diego, it would be Torrey Pines. She’s just an overall showstopper and feels set apart from other spots in San Diego. You can shoot down on the beach, or send it to the top of the cliff by hiking or driving in your car, which is what I personally recommend for a portrait session 😉. Once you’ve parked at the top, there are a handful of trails to explore and the endless beauty is yours for the taking! I always leave so inspired, I swear this place is something magical. If Torrey Pines is on your list and you’re considering it for your elopement or portrait session, do it!

Helpful hint: Be sure to reach out to the park staff and make sure you have the right permit you’ll need ahead of time.

Caleb & Tessa met me part way in San Clemente and we all carpooled together to San Diego to head to Torrey Pines for their elopement portrait session. 😍 The weather was all sorts of moody that day but it only added more magic to our adventure!

Getting to shoot these wedding portraits for Caleb and Tessa felt redemptive from the start. After I had the joy of shooting their engagement session, my team shot their wedding day last May but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to (🥺😭💔).

The week after their wedding they picked up and moved across the country to the Southern California. It’s kind of funny, because at the time moving out here wasn’t on my radar even in the *slightest*…it wasn’t until mid summer that I stumbled upon the place I live now and knew this is where I needed to be next!

It’s kind of amazing how you can look back and see all the little details (people you met, places you visited, experiences you had etc.) all woven together, carrying you to where your feet are today. Wild how our experiences shape us and big life changes can happen so quick, ya know? 

Caleb & Tessa’s photos hold so much real estate in my heart because they were captured in a place that we are both getting to make home in and it’s truly such an exciting season of life to live in! Getting to share a new state with people from your same hometown feels pretty special not gonna lie. ✨

So excited for this chapter of their story and the sweet adventures ahead of them!! Gosh, I just adoooore these two so much.


Show me the good stuff!


couple holding hands torrey pines

If you need *any convincing* to send it to the top of a cliff with your love and have a rollerskating sesh, just keep scrolling! 😉

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