How to Make Your Engagement Photos Unique

April 6, 2022

What first comes to mind when you think of unique engagement photos? How do they make you feel? What is the general vibe/style you think of? Being in your 20’s-30’s feels like this *special* season of life where the floodgates of engagements come pouring in and all of the sudden you’re seeing one post after the next on your daily scroll.

I ask what comes to mind because I have a sense that you have a specific idea of what they look like based on what you’ve previously seen. But can I challenge that thought for a second?

If you landed here, *odds are* you are searching for something different. You don’t fully resonate with the classic “engagement photo poses” you see, the go-to locations that all your friends shoot at, dressing up in outfits that don’t even feel like your style but everyone else seems to be wearing for the occasion and the list goes on…

If any of that rings true- you are sooo in the right place, friend! Honestly I’m right there with you. 👋🏻

I’m a big fan of portraits that feel like a genuine reflection of the souls I’m capturing. Photos that speak to who you are and what you love. Photos that don’t just show off your new diamond ring but tells the great story of the love that holds these two souls together. I believe the magic happens when you make that connection.

My heart for this post isn’t to throw shade on any particular photography style. Instead, I hope it serves you in a way that lends an invitation to thinking outside of the box and choosing a portrait experience that feels most honest and true to you as a couple. To the ones seeking out something a little less traditional and more adventure driven, this ones for you!

I love to personalize each engagement shoot by sending over my couples questionnaire to get to know their story, their love language, all the quirky fun things that make up who they are, their go-to adventure day/how they like to spend their free time etc. This helps me create a portrait experience that feels like home to them. If you’re looking for some ideas to consider to add some fun & flavor to your unique engagement photos, I’m going to share a few below to help spark inspiration!✨


You ready? Let’s go!



bike rides on the beach…I mean, this photo speaks for itself right?!

😍🤘🏻 can’t go wrong couple riding bike on the beach unique engagement photos couple kissing beach sunset engagement photos


IN-N-OUT (or insert your favorite take-out) date!

in-n-out unique engagement session in-n-out engagement photos couple vans in-n-out couple eating picnic engagement

Have a playful date night session at home! turn on that record player, grab your favorite drink, or have a pillow fight why don’t you now 😉😍

couple pillow fight in-home unique photography session


Grab your person and hop in your car to explore one of your favorite places together. 🚙

couple beach engagement session white tennis shoes couple unique photo session vintage suv 90's stylecouple photo session vintage suv 90's stylecouple unique engagement photos 90's style girl driving


Skate together or go for a swim! (More of these two here!)

couple photo session skateboard pose inspirationcouple engagement session guy holding girlcouples photo session in water black and whitecouples unique engagement session water kissing pose inspiration

+ bonus ideas

-Choose a location thats meaningful to your relationship.

-Have rooftop cocktails and explore fun spots around the city.

-Ride bikes around town together (been loving this by the beach!!).

-Have a surf date & then a beach picnic.

-If you’re into hiking, turn it into an adventure session and explore a new trail or go to one of your favorite overlooks!

-Channel your favorite date night + spend time doing something you love and bring your photographer along to capture it. 😉

Last but certainly not least: create a “vibe board” on Pinterest!

Note: not a list of “Pinterest poses” to hand to your photographer. Don’t stress about that, they’ve got you on posing, no need to worry! They’ll be your hero and guide you through it all in a natural way!

What I am encouraging is 👉🏻 creating a board that hones in on the style and overall feeling you are drawn to and want to cultivate. Think of it as creating language for your photos. Pin outfit styles, location vibes, aesthetics you admire, props you want to incorporate, raw/rich emotion you feel drawn to, etc. Those are the things I’m most curious about when I’m navigating what my couples are looking for. This lends a foundation to create a portrait experience that emulates what my couples truly vibe with and love to see through their unique engagement photos. 🙌🏻

If you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful, Pin it for later and share it with a friend!


xoxo, Hannah







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