Things you can count on with today’s blog: to fall in love with the view of Quil Hill, Lynn’s dress serving up the inspo you didn’t know you needed and why a bridal shoot might be a good option for you! Let’s get into it!

quill hill bridal shoot

4 Reasons a pre-wedding bridal shoot might be right for you

Hair + Make-up trial run

Think of it as a test run before your wedding day. Plus, there is never a bad reason to get all dolled up and make sure your hair + make-up is exactly the way you want it for your big day.

Wedding day Timeline

More often than not, you may find yourself racing the clock + running short on time. When that happens on your wedding day, your portrait time shrinks. Doing pre-wedding day pictures can give you a built in un-rushed portrait experience as it should be ✨

Multiple dresses

Have more than one wedding look? Whether its the style of your dress or a complete different look you want to showcase, having a portrait experience set apart for this look is something I love seeing my brides do! Lynn rented her dress for this shoot and with how much I was gushing at this one I am dying to see what look she has lined up next! *chefs kiss*

Different vibe + setting

Another reason a bridal shoot might be a great fit for you is if you want a portrait location with a different style then your venue. You pretty much get the best of both worlds with this option.

Reduces stress before for the big day

Experiencing pre-wedding jitters? I imagine every one does in some capacity. One way to help remove stress and feel more confident for your wedding day portraits is by taking some beforehand. Seriously, it’s wild how much of a game changer this can be and if you didn’t do an engagement session before your wedding day, I highly recommend having bridal portraits done and being in front of the camera! It will leave you feeling so empowered & confident for all the photos to come on your big day!

What should you bring?

Your dress (unless you are planning on having two separate looks for the day of), shoes, jewelry, veil, bouquet + any other details that are special to you.


Lynn’s dress was so dreamy. I can’t get over the sleeves and the gorgeous flower details. I got a message in my instagram dm’s commenting on a photo of Lynn’s dress that read: “It’s a whole entire Pinterest mood board for a fairytale badass.” and I think that description was right on the money. 👌🏻


Scroll for the pretty

black and white bridal shoot details

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xoxo, Hannah






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