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November 14, 2019

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Well there is no denying I love myself a sweet coffeeshop vibe. On days off you can find me gathering with friends or family at my favorite spot in town or adopting it as my “office space” throughout the week…perks of being your own boss am I right?? haha

Whether I’m in my hometown or on the road, the number one thought to cross my mind is pulling up Google Maps to find the best coffee shop within reach.  I am a total sucker for a quality coffee (on the rocks always) and when it’s paired with a good aesthetic that makes you feel like coming home, *you know* you’ve hit the jackpot of all shops. Its probably the most asked question to my Siri girl:

“Where is the best coffee spot in town?!”

I know it’s a hot question I get asked about quite often and it’s something that I get excited about so i’m pumped to get to share some of my joys with you today!  This post is for all my coffee-loving-bff’s who are always on the hunt for—> the. best. spot. in. town. I’ve heard your messages, I see you, I hear you and I’m humbled y’all are as passionate about this stuff as I am. LET’S GET INTO IT!


The coffee vault: Hannah’s master list


Loudoun CO:


(My absolute fav local spot + unofficial office most weeks)  My Coffee Order: Coldbrew + Almond milk and if i’m feeling a syrup I typically go with caramel however I am hooked on their house-made pumpkin syrup…it’s not crazy sweet and basically fall in a cup. YOU HAVE TO TRY when visiting!! They also have a bomb restaurant connected to the coffeeshop with GF options that will change your life. When you eat there try one of everything off the menu. I’m not kidding. But if I could only choose 2 options it’s easily the fried cauliflower + Sidebar fries. Go bless your tastebuds (!!!)

-King St Coffee

-Petite Lou Lou

(adorable crepe cafe —checkout the cutest engagement session I did there!!)

-Blend Coffee Bar


Vienna/ Mosiac District:

-Caboose Commons

-Mom & Pop


-Caffe Amouri



-The Wydown Coffee Bar*****

especially the location inside of the Apollo in DC! it offers the perfect atmosphere + design that I would need little convincing to move into permanently lol not kidding.

-Bluestone Lane *****

it’s aussie inspired SO IF YOU KNOW ME YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS (obsessed)

love their vibe, love their coffee and love love their breakfast sandwiches…is there a reoccurring theme here with the b-fast sammy’s ?? maybeee.

-Grace Street Coffee

-Philz Coffee

(I have to admit, I was skeptical by the branding but am a recent convert)

-La Columbe

-Baked & Wired in Georgetown


-Golf Park Coffee

-Third Wave




such a unique spot! really enjoyed sipping coffee on a bean bag on the rooftop!

-Belle <3

I mean…just the name is simply adorable. My favorite Charlottesville local, Meredith brought me to Belle this summer and I was obessed for obvious reasons!!!



-Sugar & Twine

-The Chairlift at Brenner Pass


 Boston MA:

-Tatte Bakery*****

The queen bee of all shops in my opinion. Their dreamy space is home design heaven, their coffee is QUALITY and they have the yummiest food options with a GF breakfast sandwich that will change your life forever. They just recently announced they will be opening up a shop here in DC and I am OVER THE MOON excited !!


-Rise Up Coffee

My family vacations in Deleware each summer and I love getting to try out all the different spots in the area. There are a number of options in Rehobeth/Bethany but Rise Up Coffee ranks #1 by a long shot. Craft Coffee, Craft Beer, a yummy menu, and it’s right down the street from the boardwalk…can’t beat.


Waco TX

-Magnolia Table

(to no ones surprise Joanna Gaines did not disappoint!!)


San Diego:


-Communal Coffee*****

I mean if the coffee + flower mural wasn’t enough, the inside will for sure melt you with inspiration. It’s basically a page out of my dream book with endless inspiration for the shop I dream of opening with my sister one day. If you’re in San Diego Communal is a must hit!!

-Holy Matcha

Plant wallpaper, millennial pink and mod glow signs, Holy Matcha is what I would call an instagram-attraction. Definitely a place to “do it for the gram” — a fun vibe for sure✌️


Oahu, Hawaii



and last but not least: 

-Arvo Coffee

This was a really cool spot in Oahu my friend Meredith and I visited a few years back. Imagine if the plant shop of your dreams married a rad coffee bar…AKA the dream. Go look them up on instagram, you’ll thank me later.




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